Skeleton Technologies is pleased to invite you to our first webinar. We will be taking a detailed look at why low internal resistance (ESR) is so important to high power performance in ultracapacitors. The webinar will take place on the 29 June. Please see full description below and register for your place.


Webinar description

In recent years, ultracapacitor technology has emerged as a high-power alternative to batteries. Batteries use chemical processes that come with inherent limitations in power output, recharge times and total number of discharge cycles. In contrast, ultracapacitors operate on a purely electrostatic level, are orders of magnitude more powerful, and can be charged and discharged in only a matter of seconds.


The extremely high power of ultracapacitors can be credited to their very low internal resistance (ESR), which is below the milliohm range. The combination of high power and low ESR means that ultracapacitors are ideally suited to a variety of applications, including regenerative braking, engine start modules and cranes, to just name a few.

This webinar will discuss the benefits of ultracapacitor-based energy storage solutions across a range of industries including automotive, industry, aerospace and power grid. We will look in detail at why ESR is so important, how it can be measured and the steps we have taken to reducing ESR in our products.

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