Grossröhrsdorf, Germany, 11th of July 2019. Skeleton Technologies, the global leader in graphene ultracapacitors and energy storage systems, has appointed Wolfgang Breme as the company’s Chief Financial Officer.

Mr. Breme brings a wealth of experience in leading the line for engineering and industrial production companies, having previously worked as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Aventics, and before that, as CFO at AIXTRON SE (FSE: AIXA) for almost a decade. His extensive experience at Aixtron, a TecDAXcompany with a market cap north of 1 billion euros, is an asset to Skeleton Technologies, with the rapidly growing ultracapacitor market providing an opportunity for a public listing in three to five years’ time.

“Joining Skeleton Technologies is an opportunity to step into an industry with enormous growth potential, with a company holding a technology leadership position and a competitive advantage due to a breakthrough raw material in Curved Graphene. I look forward to an exciting future with Skeleton Technologies and see the company’s growth potential eclipsing even my previous experiences, as we are sure to have a major role to play in the global electrification of transportation and industry”,

said Mr. Breme.

Skeleton Technologies’ heavy investment in the ultracapacitor production facility in Grossröhrsdorf, Germany, is the result of increased interest from the automotive, transportation, and grid industries in Europe and the United States, and Mr. Breme’s appointment coincides with the most successful quarter in Skeleton Technologies’ history, as deals long in the works are materializing.

Skeleton Technologies’ CEO Taavi Madiberk commented the company’s latest of the company’s several high-level appointments of experienced industry professionals:

“Wolfgang Breme has the necessary experience and understanding of technology companies to help raise Skeleton Technologies to the next level, and I’m delighted to welcome him to the company. The year 2019 has seen a major upturn in the interest for ultracapacitors in the market, and having Wolfgang on board, we are in an excellent position to grab a major share of the growing market for ultracapacitor energy storage.”

About Skeleton Technologies

Skeleton Technologies is the global leader in graphene-based ultracapacitors and energy-storage systems. We deliver high power, high energy, reliable and long-life storage solutions across the industry. Through the use of patented ‘curved graphene’, we have achieved global breakthroughs in ultracapacitor performance and successfully commercialized our ultracapacitors, in trucks, buses, and grid applications.

Since our foundation in 2009, we have raised over 45M EUR to support manufacturing scale-up in Germany and in Estonia and grown our headcount from 4 tomore than a 100 people.

Our ultracapacitors deliver twice the energy density and 4 times the power density offered by other manufacturers. Our current customer base ranges from leading Tier One automotive firms and industrial equipment OEMs to truck fleet operators and aerospace prime contractors.

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