Skeleton Technologies is proud to host a meeting of 17 partners from the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking project e-GOTHAM in Tallinn, Estonia. The meeting is held from 23-24 April and is packed with two days of constructive meetings on the theme of smart grid management.

The EU-supported Artemis Joint Undertaking project, with a total budget of 6,84 million euros, sees Skeleton Technologies-produced energy storage unit installed at the electricity grid company NTE AS in Norway. This will be one of the first ultracapacitor installations in the grid and a stepping stone in efficient energy management at the grid scale.

The main objective of project e-GOTHAM is to implement a new aggregated energy demand model (based on the microgrid concept) to effectively integrate renewable energies sources, increase management efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, raise energy consumption awareness and stimulate the development of a leading-edge market for energy-efficient technologies. In designing an open architecture and developing a middleware that enables the communications needed to optimise management and the results, the aim is to assemble a system that can ensure enough scalability, security, reliability, real time measurements and interoperability.

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