^B850C63DAE58D5DD2D7C1643FB22E6CA5312CF1E477EF96121^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrSkeleton Technologies has launched two new robust 48V and 160V SkelModTM ultracapacitor modules for heavy-duty applications. The company is developing and manufacturing ultracapacitors with five times higher power performance and up to five times higher energy density than other ultracapacitor manufacturers. The technology is gaining increasing interest in the industrial machinery and renewable energy sector as well as the racing, automotive domain.

The newly launched modules integrate Skeleton Technologies’ SCHP2100 high-power SkelCapTM ultracapacitor cells. These allow for a higher packaging density (both smaller and lighter) compared to modules using cylindrical cells. Both modules have been designed and engineered from the ground up with precise customer input to meet and exceed lifetime requirements for numerous applications.

The 2100 farad SkelCapTM ultracapacitor cells inside the SkelModTM modules operate purely on an electrostatic level. They therefore don’t suffer the same limitations as batteries that utilise chemical processes. Ultracapacitors are 100 times more powerful and can charge and discharge in only a couple of seconds, making them perfect for applications that require high bursts of power.

The SkelCapTM ultracapacitors are incredibly power-dense and compact products that reliably deliver hundreds of thousands of deep cycles, compared to just thousands with batteries. In terms of product lifetime, the Skeleton Technologies SkelModTM modules are likely to outlast the system into which they are integrated.

The long lifetime, high efficiency and extreme power capability of the SkelModTM modules make them perfect for a variety of applications:

  • energy storage for Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS ) and similar systems to capture braking energy for additional power in racing or for fuel savings in street cars
  • smoothing the output of wind turbines and ensuring high reliability back-up power for wind turbine blade pitch-control systems
  • protecting solar installations from voltage sags and current surges
  • providing reliable and durable emergency back-up power for critical applications (e.g. hospital wards, server rooms).

SkelModTM ultracapacitor modules can enable engineers to come up with solutions to:

  • improve energy efficiency and performance across the board (efficiency of up to 98%)
  • extend battery life by handling the high-power cycling of the system instead of the battery
  • enhance reliability and safety (low maintenance requirements, low cost, and negligible amounts of hazardous materials compared to batteries)
  • enable lightweight, compact design for very high power applications where typically there is a tendency to oversize the installed battery pack (fuel cells, generators, power points etc.) to meet short-term, high-power requirements.

About Skeleton Technologies
Skeleton Technologies is the only ultracapacitor manufacturer in Europe. By controlling every step of the manufacturing process locally, Skeleton Technologies is able to work with customers on specialised engineering solutions and can customise ultracapacitors according to each customer’s particular requirements. The company is building relationships with leading engineering companies in the motorsport industry and is currently working on a KERS project for a racing application. The technology is already actively used in the fields of aerospace, industrial machinery and renewable energy.