Christmas - a time when you have the chance to think of the environment and save energy. In addition to enjoying the company of your loved ones and maybe a few gifts, of course. 

There are probably two groups of people who think about Christmas all year round: children and shop managers. The former in pure, unadultered anticipation of the magic of Christmas, the latter dreading the long days, long queues, and exasperated customers, but eagerly awaiting the hefty paycheck provided by Santa and his elves.

Whether you do your Christmas shopping in August to reap some late summer bargains, or wait till the Boxing Day sale to benefit from knocked down prices, one thing is for certain: come Christmas time, you'll run out of batteries and will take part in what's called the "battery dash". 

Why? Well, as most of the toys today can be called a electric/electronic device, the need for power is intense! However, they are often powered by single-use batteries, which just get replaced one after another without anyone thinking about it. Apart from being a further expense, this has consequences on the environment. Even if a lot of the dead batteries are sent for recycling, there will always be a proportion of them that will find their way to the landfill.

Not to mention that to produce these single-use batteries, the Earth's resources and energy are consumed, and some level of pollution is generated as a result.

Does it need to be that way? - Perhaps not. Christmas is a time of reflection, but equally a time to look forward to a better future for us all, and maybe ultracapacitors can help!

Imagine a world without single-use batteries. What if the power source would take virtually no time to charge up? As a drawback, it would not power the toy for very long, but - so what? If this power source takes only 5 seconds to recharge and provides 20 or 30 minutes of use for an electronic toy, then surely it is not a bad solution?

Come forth the mighty ultracapacitor. Frequent recharging is not an issue as ultracapacitors can sustain a million cycles or more, enough times till your little ones are all grown up! 

Provided the charging process is easy and safe enough for a child to do, then there is no reason why single-use batteries should still find their way in the toys of your offspring's stocking next Christmas! Well, that's the dream at least!

Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays from the Skeleton Technologies team!