Since January 2021, Skeleton Technologies has a new Chief of Staff. This key role in a fast-growing company is being carried out by Nele Leht who, before joining Skeleton, had been working as a lawyer at LHV and Eversheds Ots&Co.




- Can you please tell us more about your background and previous experience?


I studied law at Tartu University and obtained a master’s degree. Before joining Skeleton, I worked for over 7 years in LHV, which is the largest domestic financial group and capital provider in Estonia. Since LHV is also a publicly listed company, my role was to oversee that the day-to-day responsibilities of the public company were fulfilled and helped the management maintain the inside information, keep the list of insiders, and in layman’s terms - follow the rules and regulations. At least to some degree act as a guardian and counsel to the management and the employees of the public company. Before LHV, I worked as a lawyer in an international law office Eversheds Ots&Co, where I focused mainly on corporate law. 


-            Before joining Skeleton, you have worked as a lawyer in a law firm and in a major bank, LHV. What motivated you to make this move to Skeleton and how do these experiences help you in your current position?


I have known Taavi and Oliver since university. Over the years, I have kept my eye on their journey with Skeleton through the media with a lot of respect and admiration. Skeleton’s mission to make the future more sustainable was appealing to me. Apparently, through coincidence and words of recommendation, they reached out to me, and after giving it some thought I realized the magnitude of this unique challenge and found myself fit to accept it. Although I am forever thankful to LHV for my professional growth and the experience I gained, it was just that the time to move on seemed right.


One of my main missions here at Skeleton is to improve the corporate governance process, which enables the company to become a publicly listed company someday. Therefore, one can say there is a clear link between my previous experience and my current goal. 


-            Can you describe your role as Chief of Staff? Why is this role key in a fast-growing company?


I do my best to act as a confidant and advisor to the CEO and to be there for the staff in the same capacity. It’s about capturing the expectations of management and employees towards each other and resolve or find solutions where and when necessary. It comes with the territory that the Chief of Staff often works behind the scenes – whether it is to solve problems, mediate disputes, or deal with mundane issues before they are brought to the attention of the CEO.  


I personally see that the role of Chief of Staff is essential to keep the CEO focused, to ensure clear communication and information flow to maximize the potential of every person in the company. To get stuff done on time by the right people.


-            How have your first months at Skeleton been so far and what do you like the most in the company?


The first months have been like a roller coaster – fast and busy, fun and interesting, overwhelming and pushing personal boundaries. I like that every day brings something new to learn and improve myself in, to have the opportunity to contribute and actually see the progress. 


-            Skeleton currently has over 20 job openings. What is the main advice you would give to someone applying for a position in our company?


It is an amazing opportunity to work with intelligent and capable colleagues, who are total professionals in their respective fields. If you are open-minded, not afraid to challenge yourself, and willing to go the extra mile, it’s a great place to make a difference. Also, to develop personally and professionally and see the direct impact of your work especially in those trying times we live in. If you believe that Skeleton needs someone like you and gains having you onboard, then don't hesitate to apply and be a part of a revolution.


-            What are your passions and what do you like to do outside work?


I like to read and figure out why things are the way they are. Although I am unable to create music myself and it is better for everyone if I don’t sing, I do enjoy listening to music, dancing, and going to concerts, parties, and festivals. I used to go to the theatre every month and to the cinema couple of times every week. I visited a lot of exhibitions, museums, and galleries. During the Covid period, I have downsized all of that to Netflix and renovating my summer house. On top of that, my wonderful 2,5-year-old is making sure I also get enough exercise.