The costs and impacts of a blackout, even a micro-blackout can be very large in monetary terms and in downtime.

Imagine a machine that quickly and relentlessly produces thousands of plastic bottles, glass bottles, printed circuit boards, tablet blisters, a paper mill...

If this machine stops abruptly, whilst others on the line are still running...

How much or how long does it take to remove the half produced goods?

In the case of plastic bottle manufacturing, there could be molten plastic all over the molds.

In the case of PCB manufacturing, there could be solder scattered everywhere, misplaced and damaged components or tiny defects on the board itself, not visible to the naked eye. Batch tracing will send thousands of parts  to the trash can.


It can take days to clean up the mess, to reset the machines, to wait for the working temperatures to stabilize. 

Disasters best avoided...

Yet a lot of companies are still put off by having back up energy solutions. If the plant is very big, it can be that 70 megawatts of power are required to keep the factory going. The cost of having generators or batteries to supply this power is understandably large and manufacturers can be tempted to lose some of their production should a blackout occur.

In the case of PCB manufacturing, it can take up to 3 days to get back on line, but for a paper mill it can take up to one week to stop work and fix the problem caused by a blackout. Then another week to get back to normal production level.


Even one hour of downtime can rack up to millions cost for some companies.

The solutions to protect the production flow from disruptions such as brownouts or blackouts are usually not that expensive. In fact with some astute planning they can sometimes be less than a years insurance premium for these  incidents.

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An ultracapacitor based UPS for the building, either bridges the blackout or give the production chain enough time to switch off without creating any incidents that would require extensive repairs or reboots.

SkelGrid Omni, for the price of a house, can save you the costs of repairing a chateau.


A few pennies expense for large dollar savings.