Apply for the scholarship if the following describes you: 

+ you are in the midst of your master studies in Tallinn University of Technology in any of the following subjects: electrical drives and power electronics;  mechatronics; product development and production technology; electronics and communication; electrical drives and power electronics;  mechatronics;  product development and production technology; electronics and communication. 

+ you are a fan of the subject you are studying and aim to graduate successfully your studies and become a top expert in your field.

+ you are active student who has not only focused on academic studies, but gained also practical field experiences from internships, projects, student or other voluntary organizations, foreign semester studies etc. 

+ you are interested to cooperate with our team after you graduate. 

+ you are currently actively studying (not on academic leave).

+ you do not yet work for Skeleton Technologies.  


To apply for the scholarship please submit the following documents to TTÜ Arengufondile latest by April 20th:

+ your thoughts on the following topic: “My journey to become top expert in [your subject name] and what have I achieved by 2025?” in short essay / presentation / video speech or other form you prefer;

+ your resume;

+ your bachelor degree studies’ grade list and master studies’ grade list (up to date);

+ reference letter from your professor, internship tutor, previous employer or (student) organization manager where you are an active member. 

Information and contacts to submit the scholarship application:

Amount of scholarship to be awarded: €2000