Are you looking for a new ultracapacitor supplier? Skeleton Technologies offers drop-in replacements for a number of ultracapacitor cells and modules on the market, as well as custom cell packs and modules for your needs.

We are the global technology leader in the ultracapacitor industry, providing high power density, excellent energy density, high reliability and German quality, as well as the lowest ESR on the market.

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"We have tested all the leading suppliers on the market and are convinced that Skeleton Technologies has by far the best offer. The lowest internal resistance (ESR) and highest efficiency levels of Skeleton’s ultracapacitors lets us explore new solutions that were not thinkable with other products."

Valter Arosio - CEO

“Skeleton Technologies brings the necessary quality mindset to critical applications. The highest power density and efficiency in the industry provides us with a very clear competitive advantage. We have worked together with Skeleton Technologies to develop the most efficient energy storage solution for modern trams, keeping in mind the power restrictions for grid infrastructure in a number of cities around Europe”

Stanislav Wizur - Strategic Purchasing
Škoda Electric

“For hydrogen buses, Wrightbus is working with world-class leaders, such as Skeleton Technologies. Ultracapacitors and fuel cells are the ideal combination for better performance and lower cost of ownership but until now ultracapacitors were lacking in energy density. Skeleton's Curved Graphene technology brings these needed improvements by doubling the energy density of ultracapacitors, and will therefore strongly contribute to the wide scale adoption of fuel-cell electric buses.”

Jo Bamford - Chairman

"Skeleton’s advantage is that they are able to bring ultracapacitors to a cost level that makes them a really attractive solution for many issues in electric grids."

Bo Normark - Thematic Leader Smartgrid & Storage

"We look for innovative, cutting edge maintenance solutions worldwide to offer our clients. We have had exceptional results with the 24V SkelStart on large mining equipment in the summer, and I wanted to see the R&D and production facilities myself. I was very impressed, both with the facilities and the energy of their technical sales staff." 

Greg Desrosiers - CEO
Key Maintenance Technologies

“From a technological point of view, we belong to the absolute top in our field and energy efficiency has always been an important part of our business. For servicing vessels, we use the most advanced equipment and loading technologies. Implementing high-tech graphene ultracapacitor technology to provide energy savings fits well with our strategy."

Joel Tammeka - CTO
TK Muuga

"We had limited space available for the integration of the APS starting power supply. The 24V SkelStart has the size of a regular car battery and with its 8kg weight, it solved the space restriction we had. Also, we do not need batteries for the APS start module as the BMU standby time is short."

Chris Myatt - Engineering Director
Brush Traction

“The high efficiency of ultracapacitor energy storage is well suited to electric trams, enabling both energy savings as well as protection for the infrastructure from high peaks of power”.

Pawel Chodun - Chief Financial Officer

"Ultracapacitors and the innovation Skeleton Technologies has brought to the market is not only a great technology, but make a great business case. Ultracapacitors provide a high power density and amazing durability."

Pilar Molina - CEO
epic power

Skeleton Technologies offers industry-leading ultracapacitor energy storage

Skeleton Technologies' SkelCap ultracapacitor cells and SkelMod ultracapacitor modules are the gold-standard in the ultracapacitor energy storage industry, providing high reliability, long lifetime, and industry-leading power density.
Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs - our large portfolio of ultracapacitor energy storage products is a fit for any needs. 
  • The lowest internal resistance on the market and up to 4X higher power density compared to competition
  • A large portfolio of ultracapacitor cells and modules for a variety of applications
  • UL-certified ultracapacitors, manufactured in ISO 9001- and 14001-cerfitied factory
  • In-house laser-welding capability to manufacture custom ultracapacitor cell packs
  • Excellent lifetime and reliability
  • A wide range of operating temperatures, from -40°C to +65°C (possible to develop custom cells with extreme temperature tolerance)

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