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Transform your energy storage capabilities with our high-power off-grid solutions. Skeleton's supercapacitor and SuperBattery solutions offer unparalleled performance that redefines the limits of off-grid energy storage.
By facilitating the rapid growth of renewable energy, supercapacitor energy storage helps to smooth power peaks and ensures power grid stability.

With near-instantaneous reaction times and the ability to deliver megawatts of power in milliseconds, our supercapacitor energy storage solutions provide a reliable and high-performance solution to energy storage needs.

skelgrid system
offgrid and microgrid

“Supercapacitors are a key part of off-grid power systems, ensuring stability and eliminating power cuts."

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Off-Grid Challenges
frequency instability & high risk of grid blackouts

wind have repercussions on the grid frequency
Changes in wind have repercussions on the frequency the grid can deliver

Changes in wind or solar intensities on the turbines or the photovoltaic (PV) cells have a direct impact on the amount of electricity being generated at any given time. This fluctuation in energy output can create significant instability in the frequency of power delivered to the grid.

Grid frequency
Mismatched generation and usage of electricity impacts grid frequency.

Off-grid power systems rely on energy storage solutions that can provide stable and consistent power output, regardless of fluctuations in energy source availability. This is particularly important in areas that are prone to extreme temperature changes, as the capacity of batteries and other energy storage solutions can be severely impacted by temperature fluctuations.

stability of power generation
Maintaining stability of power generation

Off-grid systems require reliable and efficient energy storage solutions that can operate in remote areas with minimal maintenance or upkeep. Unforeseen changes or failures in the energy storage system can have significant consequences, leaving users without power for extended periods of time.

random load variations
High degree of random load variations

Use of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power continue to increase globally, it becomes increasingly important to have energy storage solutions that can smooth out these fluctuations and maintain a stable frequency for power distribution across the grid.

Off-grid frequqncy variation

Off-Grid Solutions
stable energy supply with minimized frequency deviations

SkelGrid delivershigh power
SkelGrid delivers high power for off-grid with fast response time

With a fast response time measured in milliseconds, our SkelGrid supercapacitor system enables a reliable and efficient means of energy storage and distribution, allowing off-grid systems to operate at peak efficiency and with minimal downtime.

stable energy supply
Provide stable energy supply – minimize frequency deviations

Our advanced ultracapacitor technologies offer high power density and fast response times, allowing the system to quickly absorb or release energy as needed to maintain grid stability. The result is a stable energy supply that mitigates frequency deviations and ensures consistent, reliable power for off-grid applications.

support for diesel generators
Transient support for diesel generators allowing them to operate closer to rated power for base load

Off-grid diesel generators often require oversized usage to handle load surges and maintain stability. Supercapacitors provide crucial transient support, enabling generators to operate more efficiently and reducing fuel consumption while delivering reliable and stable power output.

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