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The power generated by wind turbines can be unreliable due to weather conditions and other external factors. To counteract this potential problem, extra active power must be provided from another source in order to ensure sufficient reserves of electricity on the grid.
By employing a supercapacitor-based system as a part of their wind turbine solution, companies can provide a 100% reliable back-up energy solution and ensure grid support with extra active power.

The supercapacitors are capable of storing and discharging energy rapidly, being able to provide the necessary extra temporary active power for grid support (known as virtual inertia).

skelgrid system
wind power graph

“Supercapacitors provide a reliable and resilient energy supply to wind power, helping unleash its potential to meet peak demand and provide stability to the grid."

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Wind Turbine Pitch Control Challenges
Without a secure source of energy backup, catastrophic failure of wind turbines could be imminent

wind turbine rotating
Turbine shall stop rotating in case of power failure or unsafe wind speeds

Wind turbines must be able to react quickly and effectively in the event of a power failure or unsafe wind speeds; otherwise, their blades may still remain exposed to the air flow and cause disastrous damage. To prevent this from occurring, turbines must have a reliable backup energy source that can provide sufficient power for the turbine to move into a neutral position.

complex hydraulic technology
Unreliable and complex hydraulic technology with troubleshooting difficulties

Wind turbines rely on hydraulic technology, which can be unreliable and difficult to troubleshoot. Due to its complexity, any problems with the system could jeopardize the turbine’s operation. As such, it is essential to identify and address issues quickly in order to prevent any potential catastrophes that would come with a failure of this vital machinery.

Heavy maintenance
Heavy maintenance of lead-acid battery-powered pitch control systems

The maintenance of lead-acid battery-powered pitch control systems in wind turbines can be a challenging and time consuming task. In order to keep the system in working order, regular checks need to be performed, so that any problems can be identified and addressed promptly. Furthermore, the batteries have a limited lifespan and must be regularly replaced or upgraded to ensure long-term reliability.

wind turbine pitch control sysem

Wind Turbine Pitch Control Solution
Supercapacitor module – a 100% reliable back-up energy solution

Increased safety
Increased safety, reliability & turbine uptime

Supercapacitors require less maintenance and have longer lifespans than traditional batteries. Furthermore, they are able to provide more power and maintain constant voltage during peak demand periods. Finally, they help to reduce downtime by allowing for rapid recharging and reduced charging times.

Outperforming total cost of ownership with high cycle life, safety and recyclability

Compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, supercapacitors have a much longer lifespan, as they are able to be charged and discharged numerous times without any significant degradation in performance. Furthermore, they are less prone to corrosion or leakage, which can increase the safety of the system. Additionally, they are completely recyclable, making them more cost-effective in the long run compared to other energy storage solutions.

Active blade oscillation
Active blade oscillation damping situations have no impact & pitch check operation frequency reduced

Using supercapacitors in wind turbines helps to eliminate the impact of active blade oscillation damping situations, making them more reliable and efficient. In addition, the pitch check operation frequency is reduced due to the improved storage capacity of supercapacitors.

Virtual inertia scheme

Wind Turbine Inertia
Grid stability & higher power quality

providing necessary inertia
SkelGrid system connected to wind turbine system, providing the necessary inertia to ensure high power quality

By connecting the SkelGrid system to the wind turbine system, it can provide the necessary inertia for a reliable power quality. This ensures that high-quality energy is produced with minimal disruption, making the system more efficient and cost-effective.

frequency deviations
Mitigates frequency deviations and improves power quality

With the SkelGrid system connected to a wind turbine system, operators have more control. This reduces frequency fluctuations and increases power quality while helping to extend the life of electrical systems. The improved stability also allows for longer run times and produces consistent output, resulting in increased reliability, better energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

Active blade oscillation
Operation down to very low short circuit ratio (SCR) compared to conventional current control

By using a supercapacitor based system connected to a wind turbine grid, it is possible to operate with a much lower short circuit ratio. This provides greater control of the electrical power output of the turbines, allowing for better energy management. With this capability, operators can reduce over- or under-voltage conditions and even out frequencies, leading to improved power quality and reliability.

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