Increased reliability and higher performance

Industrial applications require robust energy storage solutions that can operate reliably for long durations. Ultracapacitors have proven to be a superior technology for fulfilling many of these applications. They are used for example for backup power for various systems, including production lines and even factories.

Heavy equipment

Just as automotive and heavy transportation as industries benefit significantly from hybridization and electrification, other heavy equipment can use ultracapacitors to their advantage. Ultracapacitors can provide regenerative power to store energy during movement and release the energy as burst power for activities that require it.

Ultracapacitors also provide peak assistance by handling peak power demands and simultaneously reducing the stress on the batteries.

Ensuring sufficient power quality for production

Ultracapacitor modules are an excellent solution for voltage regulation, maintaining power quality, and ensuring continuous power to production lines and facilities.

Power outage and poor quality power can be costly for commercial and industrial facilities, but ultracapacitor-based energy storage devices are perfectly suited to the task of providing uninterrupted power and regulating voltage for large- to small-scale operations.

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Products used in industrial applications
Industrielle Zellen Module 

Why Skeleton’s ultracapacitors are ideal for this market

Industrial machinery needs to operate for long periods of time.

Ultracapacitors are able to undergo millions of charge cycles without significant impact on performance and can relieve stress on batteries.

Hybridization of combustion engines.

Hybridization provides higher efficiency while lowering carbon emissions and fuel consumption. 

Poor power quality can be costly.
Voltage regulation, power quality and uninterrupted power service are all essential to commercial and industrial operations, big and small. Ultracapacitors can provide stability to the grid unline any other technology.
Reduced environmental impact.

In addition to not containing any harmful chemicals, ultracapacitor-based KERS modules can help significantly reduce CO2 emissions in heavy transportation.