SkelCap industrial ultracapacitor cellsThe SkelCap industrial ultracapacitor cell series brings the benefits of our patented production technology to a form factor most commonly found in industry. Industry-leading performance for mass market applications to give you the upper hand over the competition.

Our SkelCap ultracapacitor line has a much higher power density than other manufacturers. The SkelCap series was launched in 2012 and has gained considerable interest in the motorsport, automotive and aerospace sectors, among others. All our ultracapacitors are manufactured in the EU.

The SkelCap industrial cells are available at 2,85 V from 500 to 3200 Farad cells, with a very low ESR. They have highest performance on the ultracapacitor market with specific power up to 110 kW/kg and specific energy up to 6,8 Wh/kg.  

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Cylindrical SkelCap cells can be used for the following applications:

Automotive Grid & Renewables 
SkelCap Industrial Ultracapacitor Cells

Our cylindrical ultracapacitors are available in diameters of 40 mm and 60 mm. Specific power performance is up to 80 kW/kg and specific energy up to 6.8 Wh/kg with ESR as low as 0.13 mOhm - the highest performance cylindrical cell ultracapacitors in the market.

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Product Type Capacitance Voltage ESR (DC) Specific Power Specific Energy Weight Volume
SCA0500 500 F 2.85 V 0.7 mOhm 80 kW/kg 5.1 Wh/kg 0.111 kg 0.079 L
SCA0750 750 F 2.85 V 0.6 mOhm 66 kW/kg 5.8 Wh/kg 0.147 kg 0.107 L
SCA1200 1200 F 2.85 V 0.29 mOhm 73 kW/kg 5.4 Wh/kg 0.253 kg 0.178 L
SCA1800 1800 F 2.85 V 0.27 mOhm 46.4 kW/kg 6.0 Wh/kg 0.337 kg 0.240 L
SCA3200 3200 F 2.85 V 0.18 mOhm 34.6 kW/kg 6.8 Wh/kg 0.533 kg 0.390 L