Our third webinar will focus on Engine Start Modules and how ultracapacitors’ characteristics solve key issues in the trucking industry. The webinar will take place on the 16 September. Please see full description below and register for your place.


Webinar description


Last month we announced the availability of our new 24V Engine Start Module (SkelStart ESM), which uses high-performance ultracapacitor technology to ensure truck engine start at any time, in any conditions. The SkelStart ESM is the only unit of its kind to be designed in a form factor that fits with European vehicles and can easily be fitted in to the D02 box types commonly used by battery manufacturers.


Boasting characteristics such as extremely low internal resistance, quick charge/discharge and high round-trip efficiency, ultracapacitors can be used as efficient and reliable standalone storage systems, or applied in combined systems with batteries in order to extend life-time.


With the SkelStart ESM, the ultracapacitors, not the batteries, provide the power required to start the truck engine. The batteries are then only required to provide low power loads once the engine is up and running. This effectively eradicates the problem of an engine not starting due to cold, depletion or periods of inactivity.


This webinar will focus on ultracapacitor-based Engine Start Modules (ESM). We will discuss why ultracapacitors provide an ideal solution for these problems, and examine how and where they are installed and how the system works as a whole.


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