Skeleton Technologies has appointed Michael Liedtke to the position of Senior Vice President of Business Development.

Michael brings over 12 years of experience in the development of ultracapacitor technology. Over the course of his career, he has lead the deployment of ultracapacitor-powered start-stop systems and has been one of the foremost pioneers in the automotive sector, working with the likes of BMW and Mercedes Benz.

He joins Skeleton following previous roles at Maxwell Technologies, where he spearheaded the growth of the company’s ultracapacitor business, reporting a 50% year on year rise in revenues and implemented the first automotive programme for ultracapacitor based micro-hybrid technology.

In his new role, Michael will head up the business development team, supporting the creation of new product lines and the building of strategic alliances and integrated partnerships on an international level. Capitalising on his considerable experience in the automotive sector, he is tasked with expanding the company’s presence in this sector, driving business growth and further establishing Skeleton as a leading innovatior in this market.

“Skeleton is a young company with ambition, motivation and a highly innovative product portfolio. It has already had tremendous success and developed offerings that can make a real commercial difference across sectors such as automotive, heavy transportation, clean technology and grid energy storage,”

said Michael Liedtke, and continues:

“With a dynamic culture that is built on collaboration, diversity and a commitment to growth, I am looking forward to working with Taavi and the team to help solve the challenges that are facing our customers now, and into the future.”

Taavi Madiberk, CEO of Skeleton Technologies said:

“Michael brings to Skeleton outstanding skills, expertise and business acumen, specifically in the automotive space. His career achievements to date made him a crucial and ideal candidate to join our growing team. His appointment is the next step in our company road map and as such, he is tasked with helping to evolve our business and grow our footprint both geographically and from a technology standpoint.”

“Michael has already hit the ground running and we are very excited to see Skeleton Technologies move into new areas, continue to innovate and break new and fresh boundaries over the coming years.”