Skeleton Technologies presented its high-end product family at IESMA (Innovative Energy Solutions for Military), held on 10th of November in Lithuania. The leading international defense energy solutions meeting was organized by the Lithuanian Energy Security Center with the support of NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division (NATO ESCD), NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme and the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA). Among keynote speakers were the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Lithuania and top energy specialists from the civilian and military field.

Skeleton Technologies high energy and power density sparked the interest of numerous leading companies and top officials. Among others, the company's booth was visited by NATO Assistant Secretary General, Emerging Security Challenges Division, Gabor Iklody.

Skeleton offers energy and power delivery solutions for the high-end segments with a significant competitive edge providing 4-5x more power with the same mass and volume than other advanced ultracapacitor technologies.

Skeleton Technologies' leading researcher Dr. Mati Arulepp noted that ultracapacitors are ideally suited for the defense industry with extreme temperature tolerance, over 1 000 000 life cycles as compared to a couple of thousand offered by conventional batteries, over 95% efficiencies and order of magnitude higher power density. He added that we see a number of customers who are combining ultracapacitors with Li-ion batteries to cover the peak power needs and more-and-more companies are considering substituting high-power Li-ion batteries with a lower life-cycle cost ultracapacitors.