PCB-mountable supercapacitors

SkelCap SCA0300 -
high-power product platform
with PCB-mountable terminal

The SkelCap SCA0300 is Skeleton's answer for the D33 L61 form factor - small ultracapacitor cells with excellent power density, low ESR, and long lifetime. With industry-leading performance for mass market applications.

We have tested all the leading suppliers on the market and are convinced that Skeleton Technologies has by far the best offer.”

Valter Arosio
SkelCap PCB cells

The most important benefits of
using PCB-mountable supercapacitors

PCB-mountable supercapacitors - designed for efficient assembly.

Introducing the new, high-performance PCB-mountable supercapacitors. These components are designed to be efficient and cost effective while providing excellent long term stability for your system!

Energy density
Next-generation SkelCap supercapacitors.

In a major breakthrough for energy storage solutions, Skeleton Technologies has created PCB-mountable supercapacitors that are both efficient and powerful with low internal resistance. These high-performance cells can be used in many different applications to provide power backup or quickly charge a variety of different applications.

High power profiles
Lowest heat generation under high power profiles.

Thanks to their ability generate low levels of heat, PCB-mountable supercapacitors are being used in a variety of applications where power is essential but heat generation needs to be minimized.

Longest lifetime
Longest application lifetime of up to 15+ years.

The new energy storage solution is here to meet our growing demand for power. Not only does it have an application lifetime of 15+ years, but these PCB-mountable supercapacitors can charge quickly and deliver instant stability when you need it most! The SkelCap cells are not just reliable - they're also environmentally friendly.


SkelCap SCA0300 Supercapacitors

Unleashing the power of D33 form factor supercapacitors

The high-power, PCB mountable platform is a popular size and form factor in the supercapacitor industry. This cell provides higher power density with longer application lifetime as well an excellent thermal characteristic set that makes it ideal for demanding customer applications!

Ultracapacitors, or supercapacitors as they are also known, are an energy storage technology that offers high power density, almost instant charging and discharging, lifetimes of 15+ years, and extreme reliability even in harsh conditions. Fast energy storage, such as ultracapacitors, is increasingly important for the electrification of the largest industries in the world. Ultracapacitors help save energy and decrease emissions in automotive, transportation, grid, and industrial applications.

Main parameters

D33 supercapacitor cells

  • Voltage: 2.85 V
  • Capacitance: 300 F
  • ESR (DC): 1.6 mOhm
  • Specific power: 20.0 kW/kg
  • Specific energy: 5.3 Wh/kg
supercapacitor technology

Our technology

Based on a patented raw material, Curved Graphene, Skeleton's energy storage technologies open up completely new applications for hybridization and electrification.
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