SkelCap SCX Series Ultracapacitor Cells

Graphene powered

Portable power for the modern world. SkelCap SCX5000 supercapacitor will change the way you think about energy storage.

We have tested all the leading suppliers on the market and are convinced that Skeleton Technologies has by far the best offer.”

Valter Arosio

The most important benefits of
using Graphene powered Supercapacitors

Energy density
High energy density and low internal resistance

The development of graphene supercapacitors is a key breakthrough in the race to create more efficient energy storage solutions. These supercapacitors boast both high energy density and low internal resistance, making them ideal for a variety of applications. The record-breaking energy density achieved by Skeleton Technologies will allow the company to maximise opportunities in the heavy transportation and industrial markets where weight and space are at a premium. The development of graphene supercapacitors is a key step forward in the quest for more efficient and more powerful energy storage solutions.

High power profiles
Lowest heat generation under high power profiles

Graphene supercapacitors are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to generate low levels of heat even under high power profiles. This is thanks to the unique properties of graphene, which is a revolutionary material. When graphene is used to create supercapacitors, it can be formed into curved shapes that allow for more surface area to be exposed to the electric current. This helps to reduce resistance and improve efficiency. Thanks to these benefits, graphene supercapacitors are being used in a variety of applications where power is essential but heat generation needs to be minimized. Curved Graphene is poised to revolutionize the supercapacitor industry.

Longest lifetime
Longest application lifetime of up to 15+ years

With the rapid development of new technologies, it is more important than ever to have reliable power sources that can keep up with our demand for energy. This is where supercapacitors come in. Supercapacitors are powerful energy storage devices that can provide a steady supply of power for long periods of time. Skeleton's supercapacitor technology is based on curved graphene, which gives it superior performance and a longer application lifetime than other supercapacitors on the market. With an application lifetime of up to 15+ years, Skeleton's supercapacitor technology is a reliable and sustainable solution for our power needs.


SkelCap SXC Supercapacitors

Superior energy density in the most popular form factor in the industry

The SkelCap SCX5000 is our next generation supercapacitor, taking full advantage of the Curved Graphene raw materials and offering high energy density in the most popular form factor on the market. With a power output of up to 5,000 Farads, the SCX5000 is ideal for a wide range of applications including electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and portable electronic devices. Thanks to its unique curved graphene structure, the SCX5000 offers superior performance over traditional supercapacitors, with significantly higher power density and longer lifetime. With its compact form factor and high energy density, the SkelCap SCX5000 is set to revolutionize the supercapacitor market.

Main parameters

  • Voltage: 3 V
  • Capacitance: 5000 F
  • ESR DC: 0.2 mOhm
  • Specific power: 28.4 kW/kg
  • Specific energy: 11.1 Wh/kg


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Our technology

Based on a patented raw material, Curved Graphene, Skeleton's energy storage technologies open up completely new applications for hybridization and electrification.
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