Supercapacitors vs. batteries in engine starting

Webinar agenda

+ Intro to Skeleton
+ Comparison between Lead-Acid and Supercapacitor technology
+ Main problems with engine starting
+ How does the SkelStart Engine Start Module help?
+ Sample installations, benefits, and applications in different segments
+ Technical overview of SkelStart
+ Q&A
Rait Randrüüt
Sales Manager

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Don't miss this chance to gain knowledge about supercapacitors and learn how to leave engine starting worries behind with Skeleton's SkelStart.

About this webinar

Watch this webinar to see how the SkelStart Engine Start Module is changing the game for trucks worldwide. Experience improved reliability, lower maintenance needs, and better performance in harsh conditions. Discover why more and more companies in the road transportation sector are switching to SkelStart. Dive in now and see the difference for yourself – watch the webinar today!


This webinar is best for:

  • Fleet Managers 
  • Engineers 
  • Technical specialists
  • Maintenance teams
  • Innovation Enthusiasts 



Meet our host

Rait Randrüüt

Meet Rait, our dedicated Sales Manager for SkelStart products. With a deep understanding of the challenges in the transportation sector, Rait brings invaluable expertise to our team. Let Rait to guide you through the webinar, ensuring that most of your questions will be answered.

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Rait with SkelStart