SkelGrid is a full energy storage system that can be used for short-term backup power or to increase power quality for industrial applications or infrastructure.

As a modular system, SkelGrid components can be customized according to the customers' needs. The system consists of individual SkelMod 102V 88F modules, which come in the industry standard 19" size, and can be installed in 600 mm deep cabinets. The maximum installation size is a standard 40 ft container, which can provide MW level power for short-term needs.

Ultracapacitors are ideal for power quality applications

The SkelGrid product family is based on Skeleton Technologies' industry-leading SkelCap ultracapacitors, which provide higher power and energy than any competing ultracapacitor on the market.

The SkelCap cells are also superior to batteries, currently the number one choice for backup power needs, in many ways: ultracapacitors can provide up to 60 times more power than batteries, can operate near full efficiency even at -40°C/°F, and can charge and discharge almost instantly for more than a million cycles. Ultracapacitors have the ability to react in milliseconds, enabling seamless bridging and backup power.

The SkelGrid product family is designed for demanding applications such as voltage and frequency regulation and peak shaving in addition to having the ability to provide reliable backup power for short-term needs.


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SkelGrid can be used for the following applications:

 Grid & Renewables Industrial Applications
Easy installation and more power

SkelGrid is a turn-key energy storage system, based on the industry-leading SkelCap ultracapacitors. SkelGrid products can provide a solution for a wide variety of backup power and power quality applications. The modularity of SkelGrid ensures custom solutions for specific needs. Contact us now to learn more.

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Examples of SkelGrid setups
Max power* 1500 kW 1200 kW 1050 kW 520 kW
Max current* 5000 A 2500 A 1700 A 1400 A
Nominal power** 380 kW 220 kW 150 kW 75 kW
Nominal current** 1250 A 750 A 500 A 250 A
Nominal voltage 612 V 612 V 612 V 612 V
Efficiency at max power 74,3 % 81,7 % 90,6 % 92,4 %
Efficiency at nominal power 93,1 % 95,9 % 97,2 % 98,6 %
Modules in series 6 6 6 6
Modules in total 6 6 6 6
Cells in series 216 216 216 216
Capacitance 14,8 F 14,8 F 14,8 F 14,8 F
*Max power and max current are short period peak power and peak current **Nominal power and current are the rated values for the switchgear used in the system