SkelGrid Omni

SkelGrid Omni is designed for UPS and power quality applications to provide a solution for problems caused by an unstable grid. SkelGrid Omni provides a cost-effective, safe, scalable and reliable solution for your UPS and power quality needs.

  • + Fastest response speed on the market
  • +Reduced OPEX and CAPEX due to smart design
  • +Watercooling
  • +98,6% conversion efficiency

SkelGrid Omni is an ultracapacitor energy storage system with high power, based on Skeleton Technologies’ SkelMod 102V88F modules. The long cycle and calendar life make it ideal for a variety of grid and industrial applications such as high-power UPS,  peak power reserve, frequency control, voltage regulation, and many more.

The modular design of SkelGrid Omni enables the system to be sized according to your power needs. Each system can also be paralleled to increase power levels.

Design & Power Parameters

SkelGrid Omni is an all-in-one system for industrial UPS and power quality applications with the option to scale the ultracapacitor energy storage to the required level. SkelGrid Omni grows with your power needs.
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SkelGrid Omni Benefits

  • A multi-port inverter, eliminating the need for   
       separate solar & storage inverters
  • 19” or adjustable internal frame for
       Ultracapacitor energy storage
  • Significantly reduces OPEX costs
  • Reduced CO2 Emissions and energy bill
  • Grid-tied or off-grid
  • Complete UPS
  • GRP Housing
  • Extended lifespan & minimal servicing
  • Non-conductive, RF transparent &
       insulated from EMC