A popular choice for fast energy storage in transportation applications

The SkelMod 51V 166F is a powerful ultracapacitor module with high power, IP65 protection, and a long lifetime.  

The 51V166F module is popular especially in transportation applications, but due to its versatility, it's also in use in a number of industrial applications.

Product Type
ESR (DC 5s rated)
Specific power
166 F
51 V
5.3 mOhm
8.5 kW/kg
4.1 Wh/kg

SkelMod 51V166F ultracapacitor module can be used for example in the following applications

Hybrid and electric buses

  • Mild-hybrid bus
  • Engine start
  • Start/stop



  • AGV fast charging
  • Shuttle fast charging

Rail: Trains, Trams & Metro

  • Engine start
  • KERS
  • DC Link Peak Load Shaving


SkelMod 51V166F Ultracapacitor Module

Industry-leading power for automotive and transportation

  • 51 V DC nominal voltage
  • 166 F capacitance
  •  IP65 Protection
  • 51 V DC nominal voltage
  • 166 F capacitance
  •  IP65 Protection

SkelMod 51V ultracapacitor module

Industry-leading power for transportation

  • 51 V DC nominal voltage
  • 166 F capacitance
  •  IP65 Protection
  • 51 V DC nominal voltage
  • 166 F capacitance
  •  IP65 Protection

"Ultracapacitors and the innovation Skeleton Technologies has brought to the market is not only a great technology, but make a great business case. Ultracapacitors provide a high power density and amazing durability. "

Pilar Molina - CEO
Epic Power

"We have tested all the leading suppliers on the market and are convinced that Skeleton Technologies has by far the best offer. The lowest internal resistance (ESR) and highest efficiency levels of Skeleton’s ultracapacitors lets us explore new solutions that were not thinkable with other products."

Valter Arosio - CEO

"Skeleton’s advantage is that they are able to bring ultracapacitors to a cost level that makes them a really attractive solution for many issues in electric grids."

Bo Normark - Thematic Leader Smartgrid & Storage

"Skeleton Technologies brings the necessary quality mindset to critical applications. The highest power density and efficiency in the industry provides us with a very clear competitive advantage."

Stanislav Wizur -
Škoda Electric Strategic Purchasing

Ultracapacitors Key Facts & Benefits

Ultracapacitors, or supercapacitors as they are also
known, are an energy storage technology that
offers high power density, almost instant charging and discharging, lifetimes of 15+ years, and extreme reliability even in harsh conditions.
Fast energy storage, such as ultracapacitors, is increasingly important for the electrification of the largest industries in the world. Ultracapacitors help save energy and decrease emissions in automotive, transportation, grid, and industrial applications.
Our products
  • Very long lifetimes of more than 1 million charge cycles
  • A wide range of operating temperatures, from -40°C to +65°C
  • 30% more efficient than batteries
  • Zero maintenance
  • Up to 60 times the power density achieved by batteries
  • No harmful chemicals or toxic metals, easy recycling

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