SkelStart Engine Start Module 2.0


SkelStart Engine Start Module 2.0 is the most powerful engine start module in the world. It's based on Skeleton Technologies industry-leading SkelCap ultracapacitors, which have the highest power and energy density on the market.

SkelStart Engine Start Module

But why would you need an engine start module?

Batteries are the leading cause for engine starting problems, because of their short lifetime and vulnerability in extreme weather conditions. The high current peaks that starting an engine requires can also damage your batteries, especially if they are not fully charged.Download SkelStart White paper

If you want to be sure your engine will always crank, SkelStart Engine Start Module is the way to get it done.

SkelStart is installed between your vehicles batteries and starter, which means the starting power comes directly from the SkelStart, never from batteries. This prolongs your batteries' lifetime and protects them from the high current needed to crank the engine.

Ultracapacitors are not batteries

SkelStart with SkelCap ultracapacitorsSkelStart ESM is based on ultracapacitor technology. Ultracapacitors are energy storage devices, just like batteries, but the base technology is very different.

Ultracapacitors store energy in an electric field, unlike batteries which use a chemical reaction. This means that ultracapacitors have far higher power than batteries, can last for more than 15 years, and charge and discharge in an instant. Ultracapacitors are also not sensitive to extremely cold or warm temperatures in the same way as batteries are. You can start your engine even at -40°C/°F with SkelStart.

SkelStart ESM 2.0 is great for trucks, but it also works perfectly with boats, yachts, mining equipment, forestry and agricultural machinery, and other heavy machinery. Contact us now to hear more.


SkelStart Torque

SkelStart TorqueSkelStart Torque is the new standard of premium engine start modules. Torque has been developed for the demanding needs of the mining and heavy machinery industries. It has the highest peak power and cold cranking current of any engine start module in the world, and can withstand extreme temperatures and environments. Just as the SkelStart Engine Start Module, SkelStart Torque can operate efficiently at -40°C / -40°F, and has a lifetime of more than 10 years.

SkelStart Torque can start large engines that require high power, and multiple units can be installed in parallel to start extremely large engines. SkelStart Torque has been granted the e-Mark certification to show it complies with the European Commission directive on vehicle electrical and electronic products used in motor vehicles.

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SkelStart ESM

The SkelStart Engine Start Module will save fuel and reduce carbon emissions by eliminating the need to idle the engine. It will also increase the lifetime of your truck's lead-acid batteries, and reduce down-time due to jump-starts, which will become a thing of the past.

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