High-power energy storage

Harness wave
and tidal energy

with high-power
energy storage

The challenge of capturing fluctuating wave energy

The oscillating patterns of waves can be an excellent source of energy, but challenging to capture. However, supercapacitors have the ability to adapt to the inconsistency of waves, allowing to capture energy and turn it into a continuous wave that can by supplied to the grid.


At Skeleton, we're working with a number of customers on solutions to use the power of the ocean to enable endless and clean energy.


Benefits of supercapacitors

Thanks to Skeleton's supercapacitor energy storage solutions, it's possible to harness the energy of the random power profile of the ocean’s waves and feed it as an increase of energy into the grid.

A sample system:
SkelGrid 2.3 MWs

The diagram depicts a plug-and-play system where the supercapacitors act as a buffer to carry the peak and RMS energy from the wave power profile to the grid, resulting in a higher RMS power grid profile.

Without the supercapacitor bank harnessing the wave energy, the RMS power would be lower, meaning also the coverage of available energy and efficiency would be reduced.

Technical parameters

Power at 400 kW: 2.6 sec
Nominal voltage:
816 V
Surge voltage:
864 V
Min. working voltage:
144 V
Rated capacitance:
8.8 F
Stored energy:
649.2 Wh
Cycling life:
15 years (24/7 operation)



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