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Careers at Skeleton - jobs in the energy storage industry

Just commuting by
bicycle won’t save polar bears.

Join us on a full-time fight against climate change.
Skeleton is changing the world of energy storage as we know it.
Join us on our mission to rebuild the world for a net-zero future.

At Skeleton, we're seeking passionate individuals who believe in creating a better future for generations to come. Join us as we tackle one of the world's biggest challenges: combating climate change.

With career opportunities for top-class engineers, salespeople, scientists, finance gurus, project and product managers, and more, Skeleton is one of the fastest-growing companies in deeptech. Apply today and be part of our impactful journey. Together, we can make a real difference.


Perks our employees love

Purpose-Driven Culture
Purpose-Driven Culture

At Skeleton, we are not just a company; we are a community of like-minded individuals driven by a shared mission to change the world for the better.

Choose Your Hours
Choose Your Hours

At Skeleton, you have a lot of freedom to choose your hours and where you work. Take responsibility and enjoy the flexibility it allows.

Your Health
Take Care of Your Health

Health check-ups and health insurance are a must, or choose monthly sports benefits to keep yourself in top shape. Good mental health improves every aspect of your life, at work and outside of it, and we want you to take care of yourself physically and mentally!

Progress Your Career
Develop Yourself And Progress Your Career

At Skeleton, everyone has a development budget and is encouraged to learn and progress in their careers.

You Can Make a Difference: Change the World with Skeleton

At Skeleton, not only will you challenge the status quo, but you'll also enjoy perks like a personal development budget, flexible working hours, and a supportive, dynamic environment. As Piret, our Recruitment Lead says, 'At Skeleton, your ideas fuel our shared journey towards innovation.'


Embrace the opportunity to make a real impact. Join us at Skeleton and be a pioneer for change, contributing to a brighter future for our planet and the polar bears. The future starts with your next step.

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Piret Talviste

Joining Skeleton: Your Guide to Our Hiring Process

1. First Call:  Let's Connect and Discover Your Talents

In our initial call, we'll take the opportunity to get to know each other better, learn about your unique skills, and discuss how you can contribute to our mission.

2. In-Depth Interviews: Unveiling Your Potential

Through our in-depth interviews, we'll dive deeper into your experience, passions, and aspirations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your potential fit within our team.

3. Assessment: Showcasing Your Abilities

Our assessment process allows us to evaluate your capabilities and determine how your expertise aligns with our requirements, ensuring a mutually beneficial fit.

4. Final Call: Sealing the Deal

During the final call, we'll address any remaining questions or concerns, clarify expectations, and provide additional insights into the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Joining the Skeleton Team

Once we've found the perfect match, we'll extend a final offer, welcoming you to our team and marking the beginning of your journey in driving meaningful change in the energy storage sector.

Skeleton careers

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Join a World-Class Team and Make a Difference

At Skeleton, we're seeking ambitious individuals with the skills to drive us towards a net-zero future. Join us in our mission to combat climate change and create a cleaner, greener world. Stay connected with us on social media to stay informed about the latest job openings. Be part of our world-class team and be at the forefront of making a meaningful impact.






Explore the Perks of Being a Skeletonian

  • Become an expert in the emerging sector of energy storage!
    You'll work with the most ambitious energy storage experts in the world who can back up your ambition with real-life performance. You'll be a part of Skeleton's success story!

  • Celebrate your birthday with a free day!
    You get an additional dal off on your birthday, but of course we also celebrate in the office with all Skeletonians!

  • Join the Skeleton rock band or one of many sports clubs!
    Gigs at company parties, ice swimming in the heart of winter, or beach volley when the sun is out!

  • Work hard, celebrate harder!
    Summer Days, Christmas Parties, Skeleton Birthdays – we know how to throw an epic shindig!

  • Multicultural environment
    We have 40+ nationalities. We work in English, we chit-chat in 40 languages.



Benefits for Germany

  • Stability and progress – Skeleton offers both
    We are a fast-growing company with stable job opportunities, and we prefer to promote internally. We offer a training budget and encourage Skeletonians to develop themselves and progress in their careers within the company!

  • Grow older with Skeleton!
    Your pension provision is important for us: we offer you an allowance for the company pension scheme.

  • Stay healthy!
    We support your recovery with paid sick leave from the first day 

  • Free parking, fruits and drinks always available, and furry friends at the office
    We do our best to make you feel creative and inspired at the office, where also your pets are welcome! 

  • Edenred Card
    Monthly Vouchers for Local Redemption with Diverse Partners

Benefits for Estonia

  • Start your day with a breakfast and end it with dinner
    Start your day with refreshment and enjoy your breakfast in our office, and if you prefer the evening working hours, order yourself some dinner!

  • PZU Private Insurance / Stebby Sports Compensation 
    You can decide whether you want to get support for your private insurance or a sports compensation, the main thing is you keep healthy!

  • A cool, green office overlooking the Tallinn Airport and runway
    Spot planes while you take a moment to enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee, unwind in the massage chair, or beat your colleagues in the gaming room!

  • Bring your furry friend to the office
    Our Tallinn office is a pet-friendly space – bring your best buddy to work!

We are one of the best-financed deeptech companies in Europe

Skeleton has a strong investor base and has raised over 200 million euros of financing. Our revenue comes from large customers, giving security of continued growth for 2023 and beyond.
Taavi Madiberk
CEO & Co-founder
Taavi Madiberk, CEO Skeleton

5 reasons to join Skeleton

One of the fastest growing companies in Europe:

3X revenue for three years running. Our people grow with us - most of our team leaders have risen the ranks internally and everyone's an owner!

A real, global impact with a unique technology and products

allowing us to cut down CO2 emissions and save energy in applications where it has not been possible before.

The largest supercapacitor factory in Europe

with another, even larger one on the way! We're growing fast and have opportunities in a wide range of specialities.

Skeleton is an escalator to success.

You will learn what it takes to build your own company and we support your ambitions, whether you want to be an entrepreneur or advance your career.

Madli Nõmmik

Skeleton's team is full of exceptional people and we're growing fast. If you are at the top of your field, or have the ambition and drive to get there, we want to talk to you.

Madli Nõmmik
Head of HR
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