Energy storage for grid application

Powering the electric grid
for a net-zero future.

Megawatts of power available in milliseconds to stabilize power grids and enable mass adoption of renewables
STATCOM, power quality, UPS, and other grid applications rely on the high power and fast reaction of supercapacitor energy storage solutions.

Supercapacitor energy storage enables rapid growth of renewable energy, shaves peaks of power, and ensures stability for power grids with immediate reaction and megawatts of power in milliseconds.

skelgrid system
grid solutions

“Skeleton is well-positioned to help our customers in the grid industry with our technology, which is unprecedented in the energy storage sector. "

Lilli Hamari
Lilli Hamari
Sales Manager
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Grid solutions
for managing voltage fluctuations from utility providers

Catenary free
Increased production by reducing down-time due to power sags and disruptions

Lower maintenance and replacement costs due to nuisance trips or system failures

Extended life
Extended life of automated production machinery


Grid solutions
for limited power supply line with high peak loads

Bypass the limitation of supplied power from energy providers

Reduce peak load on grid connection point

Reduce demand charge rates
Reduce demand charge rates (€/kW) according to “shaved kWs”

Grid and industrial installations
100+ MWs of grid and industrial installations, 10 000+ systems & modules in the field
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Curved Graphene
Unique technology & product roadmap with Curved Graphene, protected by more than 30 patent families
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World-class team of professionals
The largest R&D team in the industry, driven by a passion to fight climate change - join us!
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