Grid applications

grid applications
for a net-zero future.

Our innovative SuperBattery and supercapacitor solutions equip grids with an advanced, dependable source of power that ensures peak performance.

Reliable and efficient energy storage is the future of grid

As the world continues to move forward, having reliable and efficient energy storage is more important than ever. That is why our SuperBattery and supercapacitor solutions are there to provide grid applications with a safe and reliable means of powering grid applications. Our advanced technology allows grid applications to have access to exceptional performance, making it easier for businesses and households to power whatever they need. Together, we can usher in a new era of grid reliability and efficiency, paving the way for generations ahead.

Supercapacitor solutions

Energy storage solutions
for grid applications

Wind pitch control
Power Generation

Securing alternative power sources is becoming a more pressing issue as non-renewable energy sources become scarce and the effects of climate change become more evident. Wind energy is one potential solution that could make a major difference for many countries around the world - but it can be difficult to tap into a consistent, reliable grid when wind levels are erratic. Fortunately, technological advances have helped to make wind power more feasible for grid integration. Supercapacitors are highly efficient storage solutions designed to address these grid challenges, providing superior performance compared to traditional batteries. They can quickly respond to changes in grid frequency while keeping the grid voltage stable, making them an invaluable asset in the fight against climate change.

Transmission grid
Transmission & Distribution

Transmission and distribution of electric power is essential for the progress of mankind. Efficient and reliable transfer of electrical energy from generating power plants to customers must be ensured, yet we experience blackouts regularly without warning. It is estimated that huge corporations can lose millions of dollars due to disturbances lasting for a few moments. To curb this problem, supercapacitor energy storage is emerging as the ideal solution to address various power quality issues experienced by grids, such as magnitude, flicker, dip, swell and interruption events, because they have the capability to react swiftly to any disruption in power flow instantly. Combined with batteries and other high-performance components like HVDC systems, Transmission & Distribution customers should no longer fear the dreaded blackout.

Industrial grid
Industrial (>500kW)

Industrial blackouts can be frightening as they can happen unexpectedly without warning, leaving businesses without power and in the dark. In order to stay resilient and protect against this, we look to renewable energy sources and advanced energy storage solutions such as supercapacitors. By leveraging these technologies, complex grids can be safely managed and have an array of different applications associated with them - including improved energy delivery quality when integrated with industrial systems. Supercapacitors offer an instantaneous response solution to surging demand while also providing a level of reliability that has made them ar invaluable tool for industrial systems worldwide.


"Skeleton is solving today's challenges in low voltage architectures, and supporting the transition to a sustainable, high performance, and safe powertrain."

Lilli Hamari
Lilli Hamari
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Safe, high-power 12V and high voltage energy storage solutions for automotive applications. Skeleton is a qualified supplier for automotive OEMs.
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A qualified supplier and system provider to global OEMs

High-power supercapacitor and battery solutions for automotive, transportation, grid, renewable energy, and industrial applications

In the constant drive for CO2 / NOx emissions reduction, bus manufacturing is steadily moving towards electric and hybrid solutions, where Skeleton can offer leading energy storage solutions
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Supercapacitor energy storage for STATCOM, power quality, and other grid applications where reliability and high power, and long lifetime are needed
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Heavy transportation
Reliable, long-life supercapacitor solutions for engine starting, kinetic energy recovery, and peak shaving
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Hydro Power Generation
High-power supercapacitors are the ideal complementary technology for hydro energy
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Constant 24/7 operation and lifetime of 15+ years for intralogistics robots, enabled by supercapacitor energy storage
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Safe, reliable supercapacitor energy storage for marine applications
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Reliable, safe supercapacitor energy storage solutions for engine starting, backup power, and peak shaving for mining and off-highway machinery
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Power generation
Supercapacitor energy storage systems may play an important role in wind power applications by controlling wind power plant output and providing ancillary services to the power system
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Supercapacitors are used to crank locomotive engines, provide wayside and onboard energy storage for rail, and save energy with kinetic energy recovery systems
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Electric power generated by solar panels is highly erratic and may affect both the power quality and the planning of power systems -supercapacitors can help
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Supercapacitors provide reliable, long-life energy storage for pitch control, virtual inertia, and backup power needs
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Grid and industrial installations
100+ MWs of grid and industrial installations, 10 000+ systems & modules in the field
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Curved Graphene
Unique technology & product roadmap with Curved Graphene, protected by more than 30 patent families
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World-class team of professionals
The largest R&D team in the industry, driven by a passion to fight climate change - join us!
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