Energy storage for rail applications

Powering the rail industry
for a net-zero future.

Supercapacitors can help electrify the rail industry with supercapacitor energy storage
Supercapacitor modules for the rail industry: safe, powerful, and reliable energy storage

Skeleton is working with rail OEMs on electrification programs to change the rail industry and working together to solve transportation issues for a cleaner world.

Skeleton supercapacitor modules for bus industry

"Skeleton’s development work on the supercapacitor pack provides our system the power and reliability for constant operation."

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Hybrid and KERS solutions
for rail industry

Utilization train
Increased utilization of the train even in congested & polluted areas

Service cost reduction
Service cost reduction (CAPEX and OPEX)

fuel efficiency
Improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions


Wayside Energy Storage solutions
for rail industry

Increased energy efficiency and longer lifetime of the wayside system

20% energy cost reduction
Up to 20% energy cost reduction

Peak load
Catenary supply peak load reduced

Grid and industrial installations
100+ MWs of grid and industrial installations, 10 000+ systems & modules in the field
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Curved Graphene
Unique technology & product roadmap with Curved Graphene, protected by more than 30 patent families
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World-class team of professionals
The largest R&D team in the industry, driven by a passion to fight climate change - join us!
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