The Next Step for
Energy Storage

Skeleton Technologies’ ultracapacitor technology is changing the energy storage industry. With 4X advantage in power density with our ultracapacitors and our SuperBattery offering energy densities 10X higher than current ultracapacitors, our energy storage solutions are bridging the gap with batteries while providing all the advantages of ultracapacitors.

We have raised over 200 million euros to develop and commercialize our graphene-based energy storage technology.


While we can't currently offer investment opportunities for private investors, we are happy to notify you if the situation changes.

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Trusted by leading
investors in the industry

We have invested over 200 million euros to build up manufacturing capacity to respond to the increasing demand for energy storage, driven by hybridization and electrification. 


We are recognised worldwide as an innovator in ultracapacitor energy storage and electrification - our technology is the key enabler for energy savings across automotive, transportation, grid & renewables, and industry.

Largest ultracapacitor manufacturer in Europe

Our ISO 9001- and 14001-certified production facility in Grossröhrsdorf, Germany, is the most modern ultracapacitor factory in the world and largest of its kind in Europe. We are a trusted and qualified supplier to a number of global OEMs in automotive, transportation, and grid.

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