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Mouser Electronics

Areas of operation: Global
Email addresses:

mexicosales@mouser.com (Mexico)

latinsales@mouser.com (Central America, South America, Puerto Rico)

brazil@mouser.com (Brazil)

sales@mouser.com (United States)

canadasales@mouser.com (Canada)

uk@mouser.com (United Kingdom, Ireland, Africa)

sweden@mouser.com (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Greenland, Faroes, Lithuania)

czech@mouser.com (Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Moldovia, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina)

netherlands@mouser.com (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg)

spain@mouser.com (Spain, Portugal, Andorra)

france@mouser.com (France, Morocco, Monaco, Tunisia, Algeria)

italy@mouser.com (Italy, Malta, Albania, San Marino, Croatia, Greece)

munich@mouser.com (Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Switzerland, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakstan, Cyprus, Middle East)

israelsales@mouser.com (Israel)

japan@mouser.com (Japan)

singapore@mouser.com (Singapore, Bhutan, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Laos, Pakistan)

malaysia@mouser.com (Malaysia)

india@mouser.com (India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal)

thailand@mouser.com (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia)

shanghai@mouser.com (China, Mongolia)

hongkong@mouser.com (Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands)

taiwan@mouser.com (Taiwan)

Blume Elektronik

Areas of operation: Germany

Email: info@blume-elektronik.de

Phone number: +49506327120

Blume Elektronik
TecCenter 1
DE-31162 Bad Salzdetfurth

Ineltro AG

Areas of operation: Switzerland, Southern Germany

Email: contact@ineltro.ch

Phone number: +41433437300

Ineltro AG
Riedthofstrasse 100
CH-8105, Regensdorf

Dimac Red S.p.A.

Areas of operation: Italy, Croatia

Email: a.bracciali@dimacred.com

Phone number: +390392494856

Dimac Red S.p.A.
Via Giovanni XXIII, 25
Biassono (MB)

Nijkerk Electronics N.V.

Areas of operation: Belgium, Luxembourg

Email: ne@nijkerk.be

Phone number: +3235447066

Nijkerk Electronics N.V.
Romeynsweel 7
2030  Antwerp

Nijkerk Electronics B.V.

Areas of operation: The Netherlands

Email: ne@nijkerk.nl

Phone number: +31205041424

Nijkerk Electronics B.V.
Willem Fenengastraat 12
1096 BN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Iberica Semicondutores de Potencia S.L.

Areas of operation: Spain, Portugal

Email: info@ibersp.com

Phone number: +34918499620

MJR Power & Automation

Areas of operation: UK, Ireland, Europe

Email: sales@mjrcontrols.com

Phone number: 01642762151

MJR Power & Automation
85 & 88 Willows Court, Teesside Industrial Estate
Stockton-on-Tees, TS17 9PP
United Kingdom

Glyn Limited

Areas of operation: Australia, Pacific Islands

Email: sales@glyn.com.au


Phone number: +61298892520

Glyn Limited
Unit 33, 10 Gladstone Road
Castle Hill, NSW 2154
Sydney – Australia


Phone number: +61400886754


Phone number: +61386525011

Glyn Limited
Level 2, 990 Whitehorse Road
Box Hill, VIC 3128
Melbourne – Australia

Glyn Limited

Areas of operation: New Zealand

Email: sales@glyn.co.nz

Phone number (North): +6494159150

Phone number (South): +64211244355

Glyn Limited
Unit 3, 59 Paul Matthews Road
Rosedale, North Shore
Auckland, New Zealand 0632

Applied Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Areas of operation: India, Sri Lanka

Email: rs@appliedenterprises.com

Phone number: +919500014733

Applied Enterprises Pvt Ltd
Chennai, India

SANREI s.r.o.

Areas of operation: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia

Email: info@sanrei.eu

Phone number: +421911464089

SANREI s.r.o.
Apollo Business Center II, Prievozská 4/D, Blok E
821 09 Bratislava