SkelMod 102V 88F ultracapacitor moduleSkelMod 102V 88F ultracapacitor module is a powerful and compact solution for a variety of applications. It's based on the patented SkelCap ultracapacitor cells that provide the highest power density and energy density on the market.

The SkelMod 102V module packs a lot of power in a small space. General applications are for example peak power supply, voltage stabilization, load leveling, and frequency regulation.

The module can be invaluable in automated production lines and grid applications, and can be used to level loads in renewable energy production. It is also perfectly suited to for example rollercoasters and other amusement park equipment, so it is a highly adaptable ultracapacitor module for a multitude of uses.


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SkelRack can be used for the following applications:

 Grid & Renewables Industrial Applications
Easy installation and more power

The SkelMod 102V 88F module is easy to install and packs more power than any similar product in the market. The industry-leading SkelCap ultracapacitors are housed in an aluminum casing, which is durable and enables modifications such as ventilation, for example.

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Product Name Voltage ESR (DC 10ms) ESR (DC 1s) Specific Power (ESR 10ms) Weight Volume
SMA102V88FAF 102 V 6.2 mOhm 7.6 mOhm 14.6 kW/Kg 28.8 Kg 29.6 L