Skeleton Technologies grid and renewable energyThe global market for grid and renewable energy storage is expanding rapidly. Increasing volumes of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are driving the need for energy storage technology to level power load and reduce the strain on the grid. Ultracapacitors play a significant role in delivering peak power and extending the lifespan of batteries in energy storage systems. Ultracapacitors are also able to provide backup power for wind pitch control systems and uninterrupted power systems (UPS), as well as other short-term bridging and peak-shaving applications.


Skeleton's competence in grid & behind the meter applications


We can currently offer ultracapacitor-based energy storage solutions either by supplying ultracapacitor modules to be integrated a larger system, or delivered a large turn-key solutions with partnership with System Integrator.


Skeleton Technologies grid and renewable energy

The complexity of the grid industry is quite enormous and naturally there are applications where different methods of energy storage are at their best. For ultracapacitors, there are quite a few important elements of grid energy storage where ultracapacitors can provide big benefits, one of which is power quality.


Power quality and voltage disturbances

Power quality is extremely important especially in industrial manufacturing and cleanroom environments, where even a short power outage, lasting fractions of a second, can render all products on the line useless.


Skeleton Technologies grid and renewable energy power quality

Skeleton Technologies grid and renewable energy

Ultracapacitor energy storage can be the ideal solution for different power quality issues, including magnitude, flicker, dip, swell, and interruption events, because of their ability to react practically instantly.

Semiconductor manufacturing, the pharmaceutical industry (or any cleanroom environment), the automotive industry, metal pressing, painting, and various other industries and manufacturing processes are especially susceptible to power quality issues, and the scrap caused by one single poor power quality event can be measured in tens of millions of euros.


Customer use cases

Peak power shaving

Almost all power profiles are dynamic – in addition to the base power, a short period of peak power has to be covered. Ultracapacitors fill the gap between base and peak loads.

Customer use case: 1 MW variable-speed diesel generator

Base load: 300 kW

Peak load: 1 000 kW

Ultracapacitors offer two key advantages, which can save significant amounts of money:

  • Need for less running reserve
    (fewer running hours per year, leading to less maintenance needed)
  • Generators can be dimensioned according to the base load, so they don't have to be oversized to handle the peaks
Skeleton Technologies grid and renewable energy Peak power shaving

Bi-directional pulse power supply

  • 0.1 Hz sine wave power profile
  • High power (1-10 MW)
  • Continuous operation (>8760 h/a)
  • Long lifetime requirement (>10 year)

An ultracapacitor-based solution is a fraction of the size and price of a similar battery-based solution.

Sine wave pulse power supply 5.6 MW


Skeleton Technologies grid and renewable energy sine wave

In one customer application, an ultracapacitor-based solution ended up being ten times more economical than a battery-based solution.

In addition, only one containerized ultracapacitor energy storage unit was needed, compared to six battery containers.

Ultracapacitors also provide lifetime 2,3 times of a battery-based solution.

5sec pulse power supply power profile

Behind the meter power generation

An ultracapacitor-based solution is a fraction of the size and price of a similar battery-based solution.

 behind the meter power generation

Behind the meter UPS

Traditionally powered by batteries, UPS systems provide emergency power for essential equipment when a power outages occur. However, batteries react relatively slowly, which can be an issue for some operations. Due to their practically instant reaction time, ultracapacitors are ideally suited for Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) applications.
Ultracapacitors also provide unparalleled reliability, needing no maintenance throughout their lifetime, which can be as high as 15 years.

Ideal application requirements for ultracapacitor UPS

  • Application time: 0.2 - 3 seconds
  • Power: >200 kW


Behind-the-meter UPS

Island grid - frequency regulation

A small, islanded grid doesn’t have enough inertia to keep the grid frequency steady, so it needs energy storage to support it. Ultracapacitors are ideally suited to frequency regulation due to their practically instant reaction time and lifetime of  more than a 1 000 000 lifecycles.

island grid frequency regulation ultracapacitors 

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Products used in grid and renewables
Industrial Cells Modules 

Why Skeleton’s ultracapacitors are ideal for this market

Reliability is crucial in remote and challenging environments.

Ultracapacitors maintain a high level of performance in cold temperatures, require little to no maintenance, and have a very long cycle and calendar life.

99% of all power disturbances last less than 10 seconds.

Ultracapacitors can deal with these interruptions more efficiently than conventional batteries and flywheels.