The global market for grid and renewable energy storage is expanding rapidly. Increasing volumes of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are driving the need for energy storage technology to level power load and reduce the strain on the grid. Ultracapacitors play a significant role in delivering peak power and extending the lifespan of batteries in energy storage systems. Ultracapacitors are also able to provide backup power for wind pitch control systems and uninterrupted power systems (UPS), as well as other short-term bridging and peak-shavings power applications.

Wind Energy

Wind turbine pitch control systems change the angle of rotor blades according to wind speed and direction. This helps adjust output power, achieve higher efficiency and provide protection for rotor blades when wind speeds are too high. Ultracapacitors can provide power for pitch control systems for reliable and safe operation of the wind turbine.

Grid stability

With intermittent renewable energy sources making up an increasing proportion of the energy mix, grid stability is a significant challenge. Storage devices like batteries can be used for shifting peak power demand and storing large amounts of energy but ultracapacitor modules are ideal for performing fast functions such as frequency response.


With the growth of telecoms and data centres, uninterrupted power systems (UPS) are required to ensure no interruptions to energy supply. Ultracapacitors are well suited to this market due to their superior reliability and long life.

Power Quality Systems

Power quality problems such as voltage sags and swells, voltage flicker, and power interruptions can cause malfunctions and even render machinery unusable. Skeleton's ultracapacitor modules and systems can ensure high power quality for data centers, production facilities, and other applications where power quality problems can not be tolerated.

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Products used in grid and renewables
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Why Skeleton’s ultracapacitors are ideal for this market

Reliability is crucial in remote and challenging environments.

Ultracapacitors maintain a high level of performance in cold temperatures, require little to no maintenance, and have a very long cycle and calendar life.

99% of all power disturbances last less than 10 seconds.

Ultracapacitors can deal with these interruptions more efficiently than conventional batteries and flywheels.