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Beyond batteries -
Skeleton energy storage solutions

Based on patented Curved Graphene, Skeleton's energy storage solutions represent the biggest technological advancement in the industry in the last 20 years.

Curved Graphene significantly increases the energy density of our supercapacitors and SuperBattery, while also solving the stability and scalability issues of solid-state battery technologies.

Our Vision

We turn our material-based advantage into high-performance energy storage to accelerate electrification in the transportation, grid, industry, and automotive sectors.



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Leipzig superfactory
Leipzig Superfactory, Germany

4 million cells per year
Start of production 2024
Highly automated & industry 4.0 production facility

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Global reach from the heart of Europe

Skeleton's production locations in Germany are ideally located to service our customers globally. Our ISO 9001- and 14001-certified Dresden Superfactory in Germany is the largest supercapacitor factory in Europe.

Our upcoming production facility for graphene-based supercapacitors, the Leipzig Superfactory, will be the largest and most modern supercapacitor factory globally.


Tallinn, Estonia
Module & system development
Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany
Curved Graphene synthesis and production
Supercapacitor factory

The largest and most modern supercapacitor factory in Europe

Dresden Superfactory, Germany
Industrial-scale, highly automated production facility
Supercapacitor research & development center
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Backed by a
Strong Investor Base

We have raised more than 300 million euros of capital to scale up development and production of Curved Graphene-based energy storage technologies.

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Our History

  • 2009

    Skeleton Technologies founded in Tartu, Estonia

  • 2011

    Development of space capacitors for our first customer, the European Space Agency

  • 2012

    First commercial product series launched

  • 2013

    First financial investor; Skeleton Technologies GmbH founded

  • 2014

    New manufacturing facility in Viimsi, Estonia opened

  • 2015

    SkelStart, the most powerful engine start module in the world, brought to market

  • 2016

    Named in the Global Cleantech 100 list, the first of seven listings, landing Skeleton in the Hall of Fame

  • 2017

    The opening of the largest supercapacitor factory in Europe in Großröhrsdorf, Germany

  • 2018

    Product portfolio expansion to cover automotive, transportation, grid, and industrial applications

  • 2019

    Large-scale commercial deals signed with global OEMs, including Škoda Electric

  • 2020

    Skeleton joins the European Battery Alliance to ensure Europe's competitiveness in electrification

  • 2021

    Strategic agreement with Marubeni, highlighting Skeleton's rise to the top of the supercapacitor industry

  • 2022

    Skeleton announces plans for its next production facility, which will become the largest supercapacitor factory in the world

Join us on our revolutionary journey
to electrify the world!

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Led by an experienced management team of industry veterans

Energy storage experts, entrepreneurs, and experienced leaders
Oliver Ahlberg
Oliver Ahlberg
Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder
Taavi Madiberk
Taavi Madiberk
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
Linus Froböse
Dr. Linus Froböse
Chief Technology Officer
Tobias Hüppe
Tobias Hüppe
Chief Operating Officer
Skeleton Technology

Our technology

Our patented Curved Graphene enables unparalleled advantage in power and energy density for your needs. Skeleton's supercapacitors, SuperBatteries, and solid-state batteries are all powered by Curved Graphene, representing the future of energy storage.
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