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Skeleton Technologies receives an additional €51 million funding to scale up ultracapacitors production

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (11 March 2021)

Skeleton Technologies goes after the Asian automotive market: strategic cooperation agreement signed with Marubeni Corporation

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (05 March 2021)

Skeleton Technologies and Tallinn University of Technology enter cooperation agreement to turn Estonia into a hub in energy storage and development

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (02 March 2021)

Skeleton and NXTech launch a new project for the development of marine certified ultracapacitor modules

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (23 February 2021)



From Chaos to Transformation: Cleantech Group Announces 2021 Global Cleantech 100 list of Companies Committed to Delivering the Future and Skeleton is Honored to be Selected

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (15 December 2020)

Skeleton’s ultracapacitors now available globally with our Mouser Electronics partnership

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (23 November 2020)

Skeleton Technologies raises €41.3 million in equity round from top European entrepreneurs

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (03 November 2020)

Skeleton Technologies joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (23 October 2020)

Skeleton’s next generation high energy ultracapacitors to power Wrightbus’ hydrogen buses

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (19 October 2020)

Skeleton and KIT are developing a new graphene battery charging in 15 seconds

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (08 September 2020)

Skeleton Technologies strengthens its management and appoints Ants Vill as its COO

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (27 May 2020)

Skeleton Technologies’ new CTO Dr. Daniel Weingarth up to the challenge of delivering ten times higher levels of energy density

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (08 May 2020)

Dr. Sebastian Pohlmann Named New VP of Innovation at Skeleton Technologies

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (30 April 2020)

Despite the pandemic, Skeleton Technologies joins €7 million European project to harvest energy

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (21 April 2020)

Skeleton Technologies and Attabotics Create an Ultracapacitor-Powered Future for e-Commerce

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (19 February 2020)

Skeleton Technologies Signs a Large-Scale Deal with Medcom to Supply Ultracapacitor Energy Storage to Warsaw Tram

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (24 January 2020)

Out of Thousands of Innovators From Across the Globe, Skeleton Technologies Chosen for Global Cleantech 100 List

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (22 January 2020)



Skeleton Technologies' Ultracapacitors to Power Škoda Trams in Mannheim

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (22 August 2019)

Graphene Cuts Elevator Energy Consumption in Half

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (03 June 2019)

Out of over 13,000 innovators from over 90 countries, Skeleton Technologies secures a place in the 2019 Global Cleantech 100

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (29 January 2019)



Skeleton Technologies Signs Contract with Brush Traction to Supply Ultracapacitors for All BMU Class 769 Prime Movers

Berlin, Germany (18 September 2018)

Graphene-based Ultracapacitors Capture Energy from 10-Meter Waves

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (29 August 2018)

Skeleton Technologies Launches the Megawatt-Second Market for UPS

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (20 June 2018)

Skeleton Technologies Launches Laser-Welded Ultracapacitor Packs to Boost Logistics and Energy Sectors with a 2 Second Charge Time

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (15 March 2018)

Award-Winning Production Company Visualizes Skeleton Technologies' World-Changing Innovation

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (06 March 2018)

Graphene Ultracapacitors Deliver 34% Fuel Savings in One of the Largest Container Terminals in the Baltic Sea

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (28 February 2018



Skeleton Technologies Opens Largest Ultracapacitor Factory in Europe

Grossröhrsdorf, Germany (29 March 2017)

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of the most common questions about Skeleton
Technologies and our products.

What are ultracapacitors?

An ultracapacitor is an energy storage medium, just like a battery. The difference is that an ultracapacitor stores energy in an electric field, whereas a battery uses a chemical reaction. To find out more, check out our blog post and infographic titled “Ultracapacitors or Batteries?”, where we explain how the differences manifest in real-life use of both technologies.

Can ultracapacitors replace batteries?

We get a lot of questions about using ultracapacitors instead of batteries in passenger cars or other applications, but unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Yes, ultracapacitors have many advantages over batteries such as a significantly longer lifetime, much higher reliability and durability, and high efficiency even in -40°C, but the problem is that batteries and ultracapacitors are used for different purposes.


If you need energy for a long time, batteries are usually the most economical solution. For short-term applications, ultracapacitors are often the best option. Defining “short-term” is not that simple, however, but as a rule of thumb, you should consider ultracapacitors if the application time is 30-45 seconds or less.

What’s the difference between ultracapacitors and supercapacitors?

The short answer is that there is no difference. For a longer answer, read our blog post “What’s the Difference between and Ultracapacitor and a Supercapacitor?” If you are wondering about pseudocapacitors, electrochemical double-layer capacitors, and hybrid capacitors, head on over to our blog and have a look at “What is a Pseudocapacitor? – Capacitors Explained” and your questions will hopefully be answered.

Are ultracapacitors safe?

Safety is one of the key benefits of ultracapacitors, especially compared to batteries. We have tested the safety of our ultracapacitors by damaging a charged ultracapacitor in five different ways: burning, crushing, overcharging, short-circuiting, and penetration. See the results yourself in our ultracapacitor safety video.

What is “curved graphene”?

“Curved graphene” is the name we have given to our proprietary raw material, the inorganic pre-cursor material used in Skeleton Technologies’ ultracapacitors. Most companies in the ultracapacitor industry use organic pre-cursor materials, such as carbon made from coconuts. You can find more information on our Technology page.

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