According to estimates, as of 2019, Belarus has 54,200 IT specialists and around 1500 IT companies, making it one of the main tech hubs in Eastern Europe. Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, is particularly known for its talented software engineers. It’s worth mentioning that it is the homeland of global tech companies such as Viber, MSQRD, Wargaming, PandaDoc, and much more.


But Belarusian talents are not only in software. In fact, Belarus’ history as an engineering and science base has led to a high number of technical graduates, including in electrical, power or mechanical engineering, for instance. Mechanical engineering is indeed the most important sector in Belarus.


Because of the current situation, many of these talents are now looking for opportunities elsewhere. While brain drain may be a problem in some countries, it is also perfectly understandable that people wish to live in a safe place. Even Estonia experienced this in its history and has only recently moved from brain drain to brain gain.


Skeleton Technologies currently has 20 job openings based in Estonia or in Germany and these positions are open to international applicants willing to relocate or work remotely when possible. Roles range from sales to product development with opportunities for software and hardware engineers, precisely mechanical, electronics, power and field test engineers. You can find more information on our current openings here:

Our team is very international with employees from Germany, Estonia, Finland, Brazil, India, Denmark, Ukraine, France and more!


Skeleton Technologies is changing the world of energy storage as we know it. Our mission is to move towards a fully electrified zero-emission future. For this, we need to attract the best talents. We know some of these talents could be in Belarus, so, dear Belarusian people, if you are interested, please don’t hesitate to apply!