Lloyd's Register has recently published a report titled "Technology Radar - Low Carbon", which predicts supercapacitors to be the energy storage technology with the biggest impact for the entire low carbon economy. 

According to Lloyd's, low carbon technologies are ready to compete on cost with fossil fuels, which marks a significant milestone in the global effort for a cleaner future, and supercapacitors have a huge role to play in that.

The Technology Radar - Low Carbon report outlines Lloyd's outlook for renewables, nuclear, grid, infrastructure, and energy storage. The report collects the expertise of leaders across the mentioned sectors, and the views of 600 industry experts around the globe. The fact that supercapacitors have been named the technology with the biggest impact highlights their huge potential:

"It is electrical technologies that will transform storage, rather than mechanical storage or chemical technology innovations. In particular, respondents expect supercapacitors to have the greatest impact on storage."


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