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Award-Winning Production Company Visualizes Skeleton Technologies' World-Changing Innovation

Tallinn, Estonia, 6th of March 2018.

Skeleton Technologies now has a company video, thanks to an award-winning Estonian filming company Hmmm Creative Studio. The key messages from Skeleton are made easy to reach for the public in an action-packed 3-minute video.

A quick Q&A session with Karl Saluveer, Lead Producer of Hmmm Creative Studio, recaptures the events and moods that the crew went through during the filming process.

  • What did you find most exciting in filming the videos for this project?

Working with great innovators like Skeleton is always interesting. Trying to figure out how to best capture the essence of technology - and I mean “world-changing” technology - on screen, it’s a challenge. There are many variables that make Skeleton successful, but their main advantage is tiny. It’s a special kind of graphene. And how do you film that?

  • What’s challenging about bringing this script to life?

Skeleton is an international company. Shooting in different countries with different people brings its own surprises. While you might have scripts and talk points pre-approved, there are always changes. So, the script and editing constantly evolve. It’s quite fun to compare the initial ideas and the final film.

  • How is this production bringing something new to this story?

Skeleton is a high-tech company. The science behind their products is crazy. Yet the benefits they bring are for everyone. So that’s the question - how to make years and years of science and development fit into 2 minutes in a way that any Joe and Jane can get the point.

  • What was the most difficult thing you had to do during the making of this video?

Skeleton is a very resourceful company in finding how to do things in a new, better way. We tried to adopt the same mentality and push our boundaries - For example shooting everything with a minimal crew. A job as a producer-director-designer-editor-driver-make-up-artist-and-more.

  • Does it rank high with respect to other difficulties you have encountered?

I think we really enjoyed this challenge and will adapt many things we learned to our workflow.

  • Any times when things really turned out to plan or better?

Luck was with us on this shoot. For example - the shoot in Germany took place during the Portuguese forest fire and half of Europe was covered in smoke.  Berlin, about 200 km from the factory, was a grey hole.  But the area near the factory was somehow not affected and we had 3 days of perfect autumn weather.

  • How did you create the signature look for Skeleton Technologies movie?

We see more and more that branding is getting important.  For example, compared to usual advertising. Just have a signature feel to everything you do so the consumer will understand from the first second that this is Skeleton.  So, we took the brand colors and “translated” these into video format. The outcome is really electrifying - right to the point with Skeleton and the innovation it is bringing to the way we use and think about energy.

Mr. Taavi Madiberk, CEO of Skeleton technologies commented - "Our company video really gets the message across that graphene is already on the market and helps saving energy in multiple applications ranging from automotive to renewable energies.  Teaming ultracapacitors with batteries in electric cars will increase range up to 10% and battery lifetime by 50%. With the largest ultracapacitor factory in Europe, we can cope with the EV market growth that will take place in the coming years."


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