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Skeleton Technologies Chosen as One of Bloomberg New Energy Pioneers for 2017

Skeleton Technologies is one of the 10 companies chosen as 2017 New Energy Pioneers at tenth annual Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit in New York City.

Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer winners are innovative companies from around the world recognized as agents of change in the field of clean energy technology and business transformation.

Michael Wilshire, selection committee chair and head of strategy at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, said:

“This year, we were delighted to receive a record number of strong candidates for the New Energy Pioneers program, drawn from 43 different countries. We were struck by the new types of innovation we are now seeing in the industry. A number of our winners apply clean energy technologies to address new market frontiers in sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, remote lighting and energy access. Others have focused on making today’s energy industry more efficient through technology or process innovation in areas such as wind, heating installations and access to clean energy finance. We have also seen continued product innovation in fast-growing market sectors such as advanced transport and in emerging markets.

We are very encouraged by the breadth of innovation and creativity shown by these Pioneers and by the impact that they could have on the energy system of the future. We are, as always, very grateful to our group of external judges on the selection committee who had the challenge of narrowing the field of entries to a final set of 10 winners.”

Skeleton Technologies was chosen as one of the winners by an independent panel of industry experts, assisted by BNEF’s analysts and technology experts. The panel included clean energy heavyweights such as David Gilmour, VP of Ventures & Strategy at BP International; Doug Arent, Executive Director of the Joint Institute of Strategic Energy Analysis at U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory; and Susan Kish, Master of Ceremony at Future of Energy Summit.


The 10 winners were selected from over 170 applicants from around the world. Each candidate was assessed against three criteria: potential scale, innovation, and momentum. Each New Energy Pioneer has demonstrated a combination of innovative technologies and business models, substantive progress in its activities, and the potential for global scale.

Skeleton Technologies CEO Taavi Madiberk:

Our inclusion on the Bloomberg New Energy Pioneers list of 10 innovative companies shows how far we have come as a company, and more importantly, it shows we are on the right path with our mission to help people save energy with our groundbreaking ultracapacitor technology.

Ultracapacitors are on the verge of a big breakthrough and Skeleton Technologies is well-positioned to dominate the fast energy storage market. Automotive, grid and renewables, and heavy transportation all have enormous energy savings potential with ultracapacitor-based systems. 

The 2017 New Energy Pioneers are:

  • Skeleton Technologies (Estonia) manufactures ultracapacitors based on patented curved graphene, with high power densities that make electrification and energy savings for automotive, grid, and transportation industries possible.

  • Envirofit (USA) has developed a line of smart, clean cook stoves that reduce fuel use, smoke and toxic emissions, delivered to people living in energy poverty.
  • EV-Box (Netherlands) provides electric vehicle equipment and related cloud-based services for individuals, businesses, facilities, and public charging networks. They currently have over 50,000 charging points installed.
  • Fluidic Energy (USA) provides zinc-air energy storage solutions that are long-duration capable (from hours to several days), cost-effective and function within harsh environments, aiming to provide reliable storage to 100 million people by 2025.
  • Romo Wind (Switzerland) uses its ultrasonic iSpin technology to measure the speed of the wind when it hits the spinner at the front of a wind turbine's rotor, improving the accuracy of wind measurements and leading to improved turbine performance.
  • SunCulture (Kenya) designs, manufactures, finances and distributes solar-powered irrigation solutions that make smallholder farmers profitable by increasing yields and decreasing costs.
  • SunFunder (USA) unlocks debt capital for the off-grid solar sector by aggregating diversified portfolios of investment opportunities.
  • Sunna Design (France) develops and produces smart and durable off-grid solar public lighting products, now installed in 40 countries, mainly in Africa.
  • Thermondo (Germany) offers and installs smart distributed and managed energy solutions for homeowners via a digital installation and maintenance platform.
  • We Care Solar (USA) designs and distributes compact 'Solar Suitcases'. These are durable, efficient solar-powered light and monitoring kits for remote health centers to ensure women can give birth safely with essential light and power.



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Leveraging the most sophisticated new energy data sets in the world, BNEF synthesizes proprietary data into astute narratives that frame the financial, economic and policy implications of emerging energy technologies.

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