At this years' prestigious Hugo-Junkers-Prize for research and innovations from Saxony-Anhalt, Black Magic GmbH, a subsidiary of Skeleton Technologies, won the 2nd place in the category for „Most innovative projects in the field of mobility and logistics”.


Photo copyright "bildrechte IMG Saxony-Anhalt, Joachim Blobel"

From left to right: Minister Armin Willingmann, Dr. Sebastian Pohlmann (Head of Cell Development at Skeleton Technologies), Dr. Markus Klose (Material Development Scientist at Black Magic), and Professor Dr. Sylvia Rohr.

The Skeleton Technologies production facility is located in Großröhrsdorf, Germany, but a big part of the raw material R&D and innovation takes place in the Black Magic facility in Bitterfeld, Germany. Within Skeleton Technologies, Black Magic focuses on material development and scaling of the synthesis process for our magic material "curved graphene", and it is the only company in Europe producing the material. 

Black Magic already is world market leader in synthesizing capacity according to Dr. Sebastian Pohlmann, Head of  Cell Development at Skeleton Technologies. In the future, the black powder from the Bitterfeld production facility will be delivered to Großröhrsdorf for production of ultracapacitor energy storage solutions. 

„We are delighted about being awarded the 2nd prize of the competition, especially with such strong competitors. This prize is the right signal to a young company like us and shows that we are on the right path. With every single kg of our material, 20 tons of CO2 can be saved and it is our vision to produce as soon as possible in industrial scale in Saxony-Anhalt.”, says Dr. Pohlmann.

The market for ultracapacitors is growing very fast and it's driven by the global need to electrify and be more energy efficient. Skeleton Technologies' decision to locate Black Magic in Saxony-Anhalt is proving to be the correct decision as proven by this award.