Skeleton Technologies is happy to announce that Dr. Sebastian Pohlmann, former VP of Innovation of the company, has now been named VP Automotive and Business Development. Dr. Pohlmann, who has served in increasingly senior roles since joining Skeleton Technologies in 2016, will lead the company’s outreach to the automotive market. This task becomes increasingly relevant, given that the electrification of tomorrow is in development today.

Skeleton Technologies is currently developing key technologies such as Curved Graphene ultracapacitors and Superbattery which allow for a unique positioning in the energy storage market. Dr. Pohlmann will therefore ensure our second and third-generation products are strategically aligned with the electrification trends in the automotive market.

Ants Vill, Skeleton Technologies’ Chief Commercial Officer, explains: “The automotive sector is now one of Skeleton’s main growth drivers, and the potential is huge, which is why we need to have a dedicated commercial team for this market. Dr. Pohlmann is one of the best experts in the field of ultracapacitor technology globally and he had a critical impact when leading the company’s innovation efforts. He is extremely qualified for this position, as he already played an instrumental role in helping Skeleton attract new customers in the automotive sector. Therefore, we are very confident that his vision and execution will be crucial components to help drive our business with the automotive sector to new levels.”

Dr. Sebastian Pohlmann comments: “It is a privilege to be selected for this important new role within Skeleton Technologies. Coming from material and cell development and having previously managed our company’s innovation efforts, I can not only explain our technology in-depth but also identify in which areas Skeleton’s technology brings the most value to our customers in the automotive segment and other areas of business development. We don’t wait for the customers to come to us, we identify open development windows where our products can solve problems and let the customer know that we have a solution.”

Dr. Sebastian Pohlmann has been working on ultracapacitor technology for over 10 years and obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2014 from the University of Münster, Germany. He is a respected global expert of ultracapacitor technology, author of multiple key patents, and a highly cited author on the topic. He started his journey at Skeleton leading the company’s material and cell development activities before coordinating joint innovation projects at European, Federal and local levels as VP of Innovation.