Skeleton Technologies is happy to announce that it will support Formula Student Team Tallinn for the upcoming 2021 season.


The Formula Student is an international product development competition for engineering and automotive technology students. The idea was born in the United States, where university teams have been competing for nearly three decades in the Formula SAE series.


The main objective of the Formula Student competition is to design, build, and present a single-seat formula car prototype for an amateur weekend racer. Therefore, participating in Formula Student project offers students the multifarious product development and economic analysis experience.


Formula Student Team Tallinn is composed of students from Tallinn University of Technology & Tallinn University of Applied Sciences. It has been active since 2006 and the team has had a very close relation with Skeleton Technologies since 2016. Over the years, 11 members of FST Tallinn have been recruited by the company. In addition, FS Team Tallinn and Skeleton exchange engineering knowledge.


Skeleton has renewed its partnership with Formula Student Team Tallinn and will be a sponsor for the upcoming 2021 season. Like last year, the team will be competing in 6 competitions with two cars, an electric one, FEST21, and a driverless one, FEST21-DV. Formula Student Team Tallinn builds entirely new formula cars each year.


Georg Kõivumägi, Formula Student Team Captain, says: “Our team really appreciates our partnership with Skeleton Technologies. We are proud to wear the logo of such a high-tech company in our formula car. Furthermore, the knowledge exchange with Skeleton Technologies allows us to build the fastest formula car possible."


The tradition of formula race in Estonia dates back from 1959. The very first Estonia-named formula vehicle had its first ride on the Nevski racing track in Leningrad. The project was led by Ants Seiler who was the first person to build racing cars in Tallinn’s car repair factory called “Nr. 1”.