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Skeleton Welcomes E-Mobility Veteran David Arsenault as Senior Vice-President of Business Development

Skeleton Technologies is pleased to announce the appointment of David Arsenault as Senior Vice-President of Business Development. Based in Montreal, Canada, David brings a wealth of experience and a visionary approach to combat climate change through innovative technology.

In his capacity as Senior Vice-President of Business Development, David Arsenault undertakes a multifaceted role encompassing business expansion, e-mobility strategies, and development of new applications. With a keen focus on advancing Skeleton Technologies’ presence in North America, David occupies the central role of lead representative of that region. His role reflects a dedication to driving Skeleton Technologies towards innovative pathways, establishing Skeleton as a pioneer in global sustainable mobility solutions. 

David identified early on that climate change would be the biggest challenge of his generation. In 2008, he founded Effenco Development, a trailblazing company in heavy-duty vehicle electrification using supercapacitors. This venture stemmed from his master's degree and PhD engineering research on developing more efficient powertrains for heavy-duty vehicles using real operating data. 

As an entrepreneur, David has always believed in the value of supercapacitors for heavy-duty vehicle applications due to their ruggedness and almost unlimited power. He filed more than 30 patents related to supercapacitor technologies and successfully raised over $40M. Effenco’s assets were acquired by Martinrea International in July 2022, where David continued to support business development activities.

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Reflecting on his journey, David states: “When I created my first company out of my engineering studies, I wanted to develop a technology that would address the impacts of climate change. By joining Skeleton today, I feel that I am continuing the same path. I see the same devotion from everyone else on the team, and I am very excited about the impact of the SuperBattery in this mission.” 

David aims to complement Skeleton’s data-centric approach with his extensive experience as an innovator in heavy-duty electrification: “Data has always been at the heart of my product development strategy. By collaborating with Skeleton, I plan to help OEMs reduce CO2 and improve the efficiency of their vehicles by integrating the SuperBattery into their vehicle architecture.”

His appointment at Skeleton Technologies comes at a pivotal moment, as he recently represented the company at the ACT Expo in Las Vegas from May 20th to 23rd. The ACT Expo is the largest exhibition in North America for electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell powered heavy-duty vehicles, highlighting Skeleton’s commitment to leading-edge technology and sustainable solutions in the industry.

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