Skeleton Technologies' CEO Taavi Madiberk will be discussing tech sovereignty, green transformation, deep tech leadership with founders of key European startups at the European Next Gen Innovators Summit 21 today.

The Founders and CEOs of EU Unicorns are calling upon EU institutions, meaning the European Commission, Council, and European Parliament, and the Member States to come forward with a
new “European Moonshot” in which the protagonists are the new breed of innovators: software and hardware startups, deep tech, and green tech startups. 

Skeleton's CEO Taavi Madiberk:

"Climate change is the biggest business opportunity since the Internet revolution and Europe has the chance to lead the way. The upcoming decacorns will come from the cleantech and greentech sectors, and we have to enable European companies to be among them."


Until now, Europe has been a follower and a late arrival in technology waves and innovations. Skeleton Technologies and other European companies as the Unicorn Group are pushing for Europe to support its companies to lead the way in innovation and solutions for climate change on a global scale, as a global leader.