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Taavi Madiberk Has Been Elected Estonia's Young Leader of the Year

On Friday, Skeleton Technologies’ CEO and co-founder Taavi Madiberk was presented the “Young Leader of the Year” award by the Tallinn Directors' Club. The award aims to recognize the important role of young leaders in society.

"Taavi Madiberk's extensive experience in public company councils and private entrepreneurship is unparalleled. Undoubtedly, the most remarkable example of this is his achievement to grow Skeleton into a global market leader in energy storage technology,”

said Sven Pertens, President of the Tallinn Directors' Club.

Taavi's commitment to increasing the company's growth and sales, as well as promoting and supporting product development at the technological level is rare in Estonia and deserves to be highlighted."

Taavi Madiberk, Young Leader of the Year

During his speech, Pertens underlined Madiberk’s instrumental role in the development and growth of Skeleton including in the threefold increase in the company's turnover last year and the order volume of over 150 million euros. According to the President of the Tallinn Directors' Club, the biggest achievement in 2020 was the 41.3 million euros equity round in November, which ranked Skeleton second after Bolt in the list of companies headquartered in Estonia that attracted the most investment since their inception.

Receiving the award, Taavi Madiberk said that it was a recognition for Skeleton’s entire team.

"In a situation where green energy and green technologies have brought the world to the threshold of a new industrial revolution, we have been able to secure our position because of our teamwork. Even though management methodologies and styles change and improve over time, basic principles have remained the same. Combining long-term experience with innovation and new energy brings out the best solutions."

According to Kaarel Suuk, CEO of Ensto Ensek, which received recognition last year, the recognition of the manager rewards the entire company.

"Behind an outstanding leader is always the great work of his entire team. In Skeleton, we can see how Taavi's synergy with his team has yielded the results we see today. The key is how the leader views his work and purpose and inspires the team to think big, boldly, and creatively. And in the case of Taavi, he has a clear recipe for doing so to achieve the results."

The Tallinn Directors' Club has been awarding the Young Leader of the Year Award since 2013 and the award is intended for Estonian top managers under 40. The award ceremony, which is usually awarded at the beginning of the year, was postponed to May this year due to the coronavirus.

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