It’s no secret that climate change is already happening: temperatures are rising, drought and wild fires are starting to occur more frequently, rainfall patterns are shifting, glaciers and snow are melting and the global sea level is rising. As many foresee, climate change could be way worse than Covid19, as awful this pandemic already is. Therefore, demand for solutions to reduce carbon emissions is exploding and Skeleton is benefiting from it.

“Technology and innovation are crucial in combating climate change. And I’m not talking about future technological breakthroughs – I’m talking about today’s technology, like Skeleton’s ultracapacitors”, explains our CEO Taavi Madiberk.

In 2019, we had a successful scale-up with 150 M€ worth of contracts signed, including supplying more than 350,000 trucks and supplying over 120,000 passenger cars. In 2020, Skeleton expects a 3x growth of revenues compared to 2019 and we are on track. 

It’s in this context that our company is now opening new positions. The team has been working very hard since the beginning of the year to reach our goals despite the Covid19. We actually surpassed them and have exciting times ahead, therefore we need new talents to join us. Skeleton is hiring for the long-run, with a plan and roadmap to grow into a billion euro company by 2025.

We currently have 20 open positions in Germany and in Estonia in several of our teams: production, applications engineering, procurement, cell development, product and project management, quality, finance, and sales. New ones will be opened soon, so don’t hesitate to check our career page.

"Joining Skeleton Technologies means that you work at one of the technology leaders for clean mobility. Our employees are at the forefront of mobile energy storage technologies and push boundaries every day to fight climate change. This is what inspires us!", says our Head of HR, Emil Pall.

The sales team alone has 6 open positions and is looking for world-class Sales Directors for Grid & Renewables as well as Industrial application. We are also searching for experienced Sales Managers in four key industries where ultracapacitors are the key enabling technology for electrification.

We are glad to say that these positions have already raised a lot of interest from talented applicants. For instance, 170 candidates applied for the Sales Development Specialist position that was previously opened until we have chosen one of them. Of course, that means there is a high competition and unfortunately a lot of rejections but perseverence is crucial.

High growth companies are not for everyone, it's hard work. Reward, however, is worth it. Our main philosophy is to hire people who have the attitude, with aptitude. As Taavi tells, “having an enthusiastic spark is the key, it’s the power of success”.

If you are curious about energy storage, and find yourself agreeing with our core values, then you definitely have our attention. We are growing at a fast pace, so now is the perfect time to join!