Keeping sophisticated medical equipment working properly presents a major challenge for today’s high-tech health care facilities. Power quality problems can cause equipment failures at health care facilities in a heartbeat or lead to frequent maintenance, which can then exacerbate human suffering because it wreaks havoc on patient care delivery schedules and appointments.

Moreover, an oversized electrical system makes it almost impossible to offer mobile medical services, such as mobile Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines.

However, medical equipment breakdowns are preventable, particularly when ultracapacitors are used.

Earlier this year, Skeleton has launched SkelMod 131V - an ultracapacitor module targeted especially for power quality applications in the medical industry.

It is particularly efficient for peak power shaving. When MRI or Computed Tomography equipment is operated, high power is drained from the mains. This causes voltage dips in the local grid and oversizing of the electrical installation. Our ultracapacitor therefore ensures higher power quality and that peak power is provided to the equipment to avoid such issues and protect upstream power quality.

CT uses multi-angular X-rays to create a 3D image of bones and soft tissues both as diagnosis tool and online-support during surgeries. Uninterruptable power supply (UPS) is of vital importance during the operation. Short power outages sometimes occur, especially where the grid quality is poor. If this happens in healthcare facilities, the patient's safety is put at risk. Moreover, sensitive equipment can be damaged. Our ultracapacitor therefore brings backup power in case of short power outages.

It also offers the possibility to implement mobile units for on-site examination.

SkelMod 131V’s key advantage is its low internal resistance, which leads to high power and long lifetime. The module is equipped with forced air cooling, further improving performance, and increasing lifetime. If there is a sector for which this is particularly critical, it is surely the medical sector.

These ultracapacitors are already used and/or tested by our current customers from MRI industry, including a leading global medical technology and digital solutions innovator.