Since 2017, Skeleton is collaborating with Polish genset producers to use our ultracapacitors in locomotives made by Poland’s leading producer of railway vehicles.

In 2016, PESA - Poland’s biggest manufacturer of locomotives and railways vehicles - signed a framework agreement with Rail Capital Partners. As the result of this contract, PESA delivers 16 locomotives having onboard Skeleton’s SkelStart Engine Start Module 24V for their engine-generators.

PESA manufactures nearly all types of railway vehicles – electric and diesel multiple units, railway engines and tram cars. Our SkelStart Engine Start Modules are used in gensets for Gama Marathon locomotives. This kind of locomotive is called “Marathon” because their maximum range at full capacity allows for problem-free operation of all sidings and movement of a train formation on stretches deprived of traction voltage at minimum range of 42km.

The Marathon system used in locomotives is an alternative to an electric drive. The unit driven by a modern diesel motor allows the locomotive to move on stretches deprived of a contact line. This additional drive, which is used and appreciated by carriers, is mainly intended for shunting works.

Skeleton’s ultracapacitors are particularly suitable for generators and engine starting applications. Indeed, batteries are the leading cause for engine starting problems because of their short lifetime and vulnerability in extreme weather conditions. So, SkelStart takes the demanding job of starting the engine, protecting the battery and increasing its lifetime. It provides the highest cranking current to gensets in any condition, whether the temperature is at -40°C or +65°C, making these gensets very relevant for locomotives.

With its fast-growing transportation sector, Poland is an important market for Skeleton Technologies. Earlier this year, we have announced a large-scale contract with Medcom, a leading innovator in electric traction market, to provide ultracapacitors in the Warsaw tram networks.