Frequency deviations are caused by imbalances in load in generation and lead to high risk of load shedding or grid black outs. The higher the rate of renewable energy production is of the energy mix, the more of a problem the variation of frequency can become.

The key challenge is to find ways to stabilize grid frequency to match the need created by the increase of solar, wind, and other renewable energy generation methods.

Fast frequency response skeleton technologies wo ultracapacitors

Compare the images above and below. Ultracapacitors contribute active power for fast frequency response, stabilizing the grid frequency and preventing disturbances in the grid.

Fast frequency response skeleton technologies

Skeleton Technologies' SkelGrid ultracapacitor systems can be  connected to power conversion systems to provide FFR, or Fast Frequency response. The system is capable of providing active power boost for up to 10 seconds, as well as simultaneous active and reactive power contribution, and reduction in the rate of change of frequency.

Use case - 50MW / 6.5sec


In one use case for a customer, we built a system of 144 cabinets (each with 11 SkelRack 102V 88F modules), capable of providing 50MW for 6.5 seconds. The high power density of ultracapacitors means that our system has a much smaller footprint and cost compared to a battery system with the same rated power. Ultracapacitors are the ideal solution for grid frequency problems.