Short-term UPS solutions are essential in industries where voltage dips and micro-interruptions can cause severe issues in manufacturing processes. This is especially the case with for example semiconductor manufacturing, the pharmaceutical industry, or even bottling plants. A single disturbance event can result in millions of euros in losses due to machinery shutdown (or even damage) and cleanup.


Skeleton Technologies can offer an ultracapacitor solution for short-term UPS applications. The ultracapacitors are connected between the grid and the load, and the ultracapacitor system is capable of supplying uninterruptiple power in megawatt scale for several seconds in order to ensure continuous operation of critical machinery.


Ultracapacitors are the only viable technology short high power pulses such as this. In addition to immediate reaction and high power, ultracapacitors have additional benefits:

  • 100% reliable energy storage with zero maintenance
  • Over 1 million cycles & longer calendar life: 15 to 20 years
  • -40°C to +65°C operating temperature range
  • Considerably lighter than batteries in high power applications
  • Easily fully discharged for safe maintenance operations
  • Simpler monitoring and system health checks
  • Ultracapacitors do not leak or contain acid or lead


Ultracapacitors are ideal for short-term UPS applications, because they enable machinery operation at full load during micro interruptions, reducing down time due to weak grid. Contact us to hear more.