The SkelMod 51V module has been a popular module since its launch because of its versatile, robust build and design, and of course its high power. Trusted by companies such as Škoda Transportation, (read more: Skeleton Technologies' Ultracapacitors to Power Škoda Trams in Mannheim) Medcom (Skeleton Technologies Signs a Large-Scale Deal with Medcom to Supply Ultracapacitor Energy Storage to Warsaw Tram) and other rail-industry powerhouses, the 51V module is now rail-certified.


Download the datasheet on the SkelMod 51V product page

In inner-city transportation and specifically trams, the SkelMod 51V module has enabled significant energy savings of up to 30% with kinetic energy recovery, an application where braking energy is harnessed by the ultracapacitor module bank, and used for acceleration. In addition, the ultracapacitor modules shave high peak of power, protecting city infrastructure.

Other applications in rail include catenary-free operation, engine cranking, and wayside energy storage, among other. You can find more detailed descriptions and some use cases of our rail applications here:

Check out a short video of some of the rail industry applications we have worked on with our customers to save energy and fuel, and to reduce emissions.


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